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  1. Seize the opportunities of domestic and foreign industrial transfer, prosperity and development of service industries, and building a strong manufacturing province, vigorously adjust and optimize the industrial structure, implement backbone enterprises drive, industrial park drive, technological innovation drive, and export -to -economic driving strategy, highlight the development of pillar industries, advantages Enterprises and brand products focus on the construction of six major industrial bases to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system.
    (1) Speed ​​up the construction of six major industrial bases.
    1. Food and high -quality agricultural product production and processing bases. Give full play to the advantages of rich species resources, focus on increasing the effective supply of agricultural products and increasing farmers' income, and focus on the development of modern agriculture. By adjusting production structure, promoting scientific and technological progress, improving business methods, improving the level of agricultural production and operation, accelerating agricultural industrialization , Centralize the cultivation of advantageous industries, cultivate and strengthen the "leading" enterprises, build a number of agricultural product bases with centralized production areas and processing enterprises, form a modern agricultural industry system with reasonable layout, integrated production, and sales. Agricultural product market competitiveness.
    food. Highlight the construction of large -scale commodity grain production bases and high -quality grain industry projects, expand the scale of high -quality special grain production, and do a good job in the transformation and deep processing of food, starch, liquor and feed products, and formation. , Zaozhuang -based high -quality commodity grain production and processing base.
    oil. Focusing on peanuts and soybean processing, refined food and edible oil series, accelerate the development of high -quality special peanut varieties such as high oil and high -protein, and build oil production and processing bases.
    vegetables. Promote the integrated operation of production, preservation, storage, transportation, and processing, focusing on conventional melon vegetables and off -season melon vegetables, and vigorously develop non -public, green and organic vegetables, and cultivate Luo, which is the main market in the Yangtze River Delta and Henan and Anhui regions as the main market. Pumpkin vegetable base.
    forest fruit. Highlight the characteristics of the hills and forestry in the mountains, and vigorously develop the famous and excellent new economy forests, and form a high -quality dry and miscellaneous fruit export processing and production base mainly based on ginkgo, chestnuts, and walnuts. Combined with the processing of forestry and paper integration, artificial board industry group, Tongyangmu series products, and wickeling series products, the rapid production of forests in plain areas such as the Yellow River Road and the Yellow River, forming a forest with Mao Baiyang, Tongmu, and Qiliu -based forests. Production and processing base.
    Bast animal husbandry. Focus on the three key links of breeding breeding, scale breeding, and leather processing, and focus on the breeding and promotion of special varieties such as Luxi beef, small tail cold sheep, green goats, Weishan Ma duck, etc. For production, focus on cultivating Luzhou Lvyuan Food Company, Jinlou Group, Huasheng Jiangquan Group, Yingtai Group, Rizhao Fuyuan Food Co., Ltd., Heze Festa Food Co., Ltd., Shandong Shenzhou Food Group Co., Ltd. and other livestock and poultry products To do a good job of meat and leather products mainly based on livestock and poultry slaughter processing, forming an important production and processing base in the province.
    The aquatic products. Jining, Zaozhuang, and Heze actively develop high -efficiency ecological brands fisheries, increase the development and utilization of waterlogging depressions, collapsed land, waste kiln pits and ponds, and beaches, and do a good job of fishing along the lake, transportation, fish, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, and reeds, reeds, reeds, and reeds, reeds, and reeds, and reeds, reeds, and reeds, and reeds, and reeds, and reeds, and reeds, reeds, and reeds, and reeds, and reeds. Pu comprehensive development; Linyi vigorously develops standardized ecological breeding, and strives to expand the external export of freshwater fish with the radiation of the East China Aquatic Products wholesale Market; Rizhao vigorously develops the healthy breeding of famous and excellent water products, and increases the repair of fishery resources. Construction of the production base, advantageous breeding base, and processing export base of the famous seafood products. Persist in development and protection, strictly control offshore fishing, and vigorously develop ocean fisheries.
    green tea. Give full play to the advantages of climate, soil, focus on non -rigorous green tea and organic green tea as the focus, focus on improving the tea processing process and technical level, cultivate well -known brands in the country and strongly competitive enterprises, form a high -end national high -end national high -end national high -end national high -end Green tea production and processing base.
    The focus on the development of modern agriculture and accelerate the construction of new socialist rural areas. The first is to increase support for agricultural and rural development. In accordance with the policy of "more, less, less, and work", we will adhere to the overall planning of urban and rural development, industrial feeding agriculture, cities to support rural areas, and strive to expand the various investment in agricultural and rural development. The increase in the investment in "agriculture and rural areas" at all levels should be increased year by year. Government infrastructure construction investment at all levels should tilt towards the countryside, focusing on strengthening the construction of rural roads, farmland water conservancy, science and technology education, medical and health and other facilities, and do a good job of preparation of village planning. The second is to further improve the method of agricultural industrialization. Strengthen the internal professional division of labor and cooperation within industrialization operations. Through the method of mergers and cooperation, collaboration and reorganization between leading enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises of products, promote the regionalization of industrial distribution, large -scale production and operation, and clustering of leading enterprises. The third is to guide the development of various professional cooperation organizations. Effectively strengthen the construction of the four major carriers of rural supply and marketing cooperatives, credit cooperatives, professional cooperatives and postal logistics, and vigorously cultivate and support community service organizations, farmers' own professional associations and professional purchasing and sales cooperatives, to provide farmers with loan repayments and loans Sales, technical information and other services. The fourth is to cultivate and strengthen leading enterprises. Further increase support in terms of capital, talent, technology and market development, improve the technical equipment and management level of leading enterprises, strengthen the development of new products and market development, strive to cultivate well -known brands, form a number of large -scale and outstanding advantages as soon as possible , Market competitiveness and large -scale leading enterprises and corporate groups with strong farmers' capabilities. Fifth, improve agricultural science and technology and standard systems. Accelerate the construction of the agricultural science and technology innovation system, focus on strengthening the research and development of ecological agricultural technology and agricultural product storage and fresh processing technology, integrate scientific and technological resources of scientific research institutes and universities, and build a platform for scientific and technological innovation. Implement the industrialization of good agricultural varieties and do a good job of construction of various types of good breed breeding bases. Do a good job of promotion of 100 advanced agricultural and practical technology and accelerate the transformation and application of agricultural scientific and technological achievements. Strengthen the construction of agricultural standardization, strictly implement national standards and industry standards, and encourage the adoption of international standards or advanced foreign standards, so that all aspects of industrialization operations can be based on standards and standards.
    2. Energy and coal chemical base. Based on Lunan's rich coal resources, adhere to scientific planning, reasonable development, effective protection, strengthen resource exploration, and develop and build coal bases such as Jining Mining Area and Juye Mining Area. Optimize production layout, adjust the industrial structure, focus on extending the coal industry industry chain, and improve economic benefits and resource utilization. Focusing on the transformation of the secondary energy sources of coal power, in accordance with the requirements of large voltage and small pressure, energy conservation and emission reduction, we will implement coal desulfurization and clean coal technology, actively carry out energy -saving technology innovation, vigorously develop supercritical, super critical large -capacity units, and strive to reduce reduction Power supply coal consumption. Promote and apply new technologies such as low -nitrogen combustion, coal gasification, clean coal combustion, coal plasma, air -cooled, UHV transmission, etc., and strive to improve energy conversion efficiency. Optimize the development of high -efficiency coal -fired thermal power, promote integrated coal thermal power operations, encourage the development of wind energy, biomass energy, tidal energy and solar energy, standardize the development of heat power and comprehensive utilization power plants, and strictly prohibit the development of pure condensate small thermal power. Power base. By 2010, the output of original coal reached 120 million tons, an increase of 80%of the province, and the capacity of new power generation installed power generation was about 10 million kilowatts.
    The nanan area is one of the seven major coal chemical industry areas planned by the country. A number of key technologies such as joint production and core technologies such as new type of coal slurry furnace have reached the international leading level. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of coal and water resources and the leading technological leadership, focus on deep processing and comprehensive utilization around coal resources, effectively integrate various resources, improve industrial facilities, promote the bigger and stronger of backbone enterprises, form regional integration advantages, and actively promote the coal chemical industry agglomeration Essence Relying on Yankuang Lunan Fertilizer Factory, Cathay Chemical, Haihua Xuejiao, Tengzhou Phoenix Feds, Shengyuan Hongda Chemical, Chari Coking, Guohong Chemical, International Coking, Hostel Chemical, Shandong Tiexiong Shinsha Group, Feicheng Mining Group, Golden Gold The pillar enterprises such as Yimeng Group Chemical, Rizhao Coking, etc., take gasification and coal coking as the main direction, and vigorously develop the four major industries of synthetic ammonia, clean energy, carbonic chemical, coal -based olefin, and new synthetic materials, forming formation The coal chemical industry system, which is mainly based on acetic acid and clean fuel, will build Lunan into a national coal chemical base. By 2010, the production scale was added an annual production scale, with 1.5 million tons of ammonia, 10.5 million tons of coke, 4 million tons of methanol, 600,000 tons of coal -to -olefin, 1 million tons of acetic acid, 250,000 tons of dietary ether, coarse benzene precision system 250,000 tons, 850,000 tons of coal tar.
    The key development areas of coal chemical industry:
    gas gasification. Advanced processing technologies, extending carbon -1 chemical products, focusing on the development of methanol, dioltan ether, formaldehyde, polyetaldehyde, acetic acid, acid anhydrite, acetic acid fiber series, and extension products. Develop ethylene, acrylic and downstream derivatives. Encourage amino amino alcoholic production and vigorously develop products such as urea, compound fertilizer, and controlling fertilizer.
    coal coking. In accordance with the industry access standards, scientific cloth points and centralized processing are implemented, focusing on the development of coking oil processing, and series of products such as benzene, crickets, 蒽, phenols, and developed products such as asphalt, needle -shaped coke, UHP high -power electrode.
    3. Excellent steel base. By accelerating the adjustment of the province's steel industry layout, integrating existing resources, eliminating backward production capacity, promoting the merger and reorganization of steel companies in the province, increasing the concentration of the steel industry, and planning and construction of large -scale Hong Kong boutique steel bases. In accordance with the requirements of national industrial policies, small steel companies and backward production capacity are eliminated on schedule. Take this as an opportunity, adhere to the principle of high starting points and high standards, and based on the international advanced level, build a large steel base of 20 million tons of 20 million tons at Rizhao, including 15 million tons of new boutique steel, mainly producing high -end hot -rolled hot rolling in China and provinces High -tech content and high value -added products such as thin plates, wide plates, seamless steel pipes, cold -rolled plates, stainless steel, and hard alloy steel. By 2010, 15 million tons of steel projects were completed, and all were completed in the early days of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan".
    4. High -quality building materials base. Based on production enterprise groups and baseization as the direction, property rights as the bond, relying on large backbone enterprises, accelerate existing enterprises' reorganization, mergers, and union, form a large -scale enterprise group or consortium, improve corporate competitiveness and market share, promote the promotion The building materials industry is moderately concentrated to form the four major building materials centers of Zaozhuang, Linyi, Jining and Rizhao, and build a high -quality building materials production base in our province and even East China. The first is to rely on Zaozhuangzhong Lian Lun and other advantageous enterprises to make big brands such as Luhong, Dalle Garden, Shenfeng, and Wofeng, and vigorously develop new types of dry rotary kiln cement, floating glass, high -end decorative materials, new walls, new walls, and new walls Materials and gypsum deep -processed products, improve the overall level of the building materials industry, form a Zaozhuang building material center with cement, flat glass, and wall materials. The second is to promote product variety and specifications, high -end product quality and high -grade grade, and build Linyi building materials centers with cement, granite slab, wall tiles, and refractory materials products as the main body. Third, relying on the backbone enterprises such as King Jinda, Daewoo Cement, Sino -Materials, and Yoshikaru, Yoshikaru, etc., to form a Jining Building Material Center with cement, glass fiber, metal doors and windows, various brick products, aluminum materials, etc. Essence The fourth is to use the advantages of Lingang and limestone resources to focus on promoting the construction of the cement clinker production base of Jixian County and the construction of powder milling stations such as landscape cement, and Daewoo Cement, encourage the development of large -scale fossil materials, vigorously develop wall materials and light building materials, expand to Southeast Asia to Southeast Asia The export of building materials products in the South African and European markets forms the Rizhao Building Materials Center dominated by exports.
    Cement. The main reason is to adjust the structure, the upper large pressure is small, vigorously develop the new type of dry rotary kiln cement, and accelerate the elimination of backward kiln cement production capacity. Study and develop new energy -saving and environmental protection technologies that can use waste residue to use waste residue, improve resource utilization, and develop new special cement. By 2010, the output of cement would reach 70 million tons, and the proportion of new drying cement accounted for more than 45%to more than 80%.
    glass and products. Focus on the development of high -quality floating glass, develop ultra -thin, thick and large -scale products and large -scale products and color glass, hot reflected glass, low -radiation glass, etc., forming glass, daily glass, process glass, special glass, and deep processing series of deep processing series Products; do a good job in the development of silicon raw materials and realize the standardized supply of glass and silicon raw materials. Highlight the driving effect of Golden Glass and Pacific Glass, and do a good job of deep processing levels of building glass, daily glass, craft glass, and special glass.
    The construction sanitary ceramics. Develop large -scale, multi -colors, multi -varieties, and moisture -proof, antifreeze, antibacterial and high -intensity products; improve the fuel structure, encourage clean fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, gas, etc., and gradually eliminate the process of coal and heavy oil as the fuel.
    new building materials. Vigorously develop soil, energy conservation, waste, environmental protection, and multi -functional wall materials, and gradually realize the intensive, series, and standardization of production and application. Actively develop longevity resistance, refined material, especially stainless steel refining furnace resistance, and vigorously expand the resistance of building materials and chemical industry. Vigorously develop building energy -saving materials such as coal gangue sinter bricks, flour and ash blocks, and river mud bricks, and expand the production of light steel structural profiles, aluminum -plastic profiles and other products.
    5. Machinery manufacturing base. Focusing on construction machinery, processing machinery, automotive engines and spare parts, transformers, shipbuilding, etc., promote key technological innovation, promote processing, production, service to intelligent and personalized directions, and focus on improving industry R

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