5 thoughts on “Pregnant women's body skin is dry, what are the body milk recommended?”

  1. SESDERMA whitening body milk, this name knows that it is whitening, it is indeed obvious effect! I insisted on using two bottles, basically wiped it every day. Sure enough, my legs can be exposed in summer. The legs are really two degrees than my friends. The disadvantage is that it is necessary to let it dry after wiping, otherwise it is easy to get pajamas. , Pregnant women can be used.

  2. The seventh season, this brand was established in 2007. In the industry, it is a modern enterprise focusing on operating pregnant women's products. The development of the company has been quite rich in development so far. Good and healthiest products for consumers.

  3. Victoria's Pink series of body milk, packaging partial girl style, is definitely the first pick of soft cute girls, cheap and large bowls. Moisturizing and moisturizing, not greasy at all, and thick flowers and fruits. The absolute sweetness is full! Pregnant women are fine.

  4. The Yaei Mitt brand was established in 2007. It is a company dedicated to pregnant women's products. Since its establishment, the company has been unanimously recognized by authoritative institutions in the production technology of many products. It is a very good brand in the quality and experience of the product. I have been using it again.

  5. Cosmway body milk is easy to dry, peel, itching in winter, this romantic body milk will never disappoint you and large bottle. You don’t need to use perfume after applying it. , A faint aroma of 200ml is a real price of real cabbage! Very easy to absorb. Pregnant women can also use it.

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