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  1. Turkey breeding, ecological pig farming, meat sheep breeding, etc.
    The specific preferential policies for the aquaculture industry mainly include the following points: the land for farming is treated according to planting land. Water consumption of water consumption in the breeding industry is levied by calculation of the planting industry.
    The financial sector to let go of small loans in the breeding industry and increase credit efforts. There are different project support for leading agricultural industrialized enterprises, breeding livestock and poultry manufacturers, superior animal product production areas, dairy breeding communities, and various types of large -scale farms, but they need to be declared.
    2007 will give 20 new standardized high -yield cow breeding communities per 250,000 yuan of funds for 20 newly -built funds for subsidies. For pig farmers, each can subsidize 50 yuan for sow, and the subsidy model is borne by the central and government governments.
    The insurance premiums for sowing are 60 yuan, 80 % of the central and governments at all levels, and 20 % of them are borne by pig farmers. Ceremony will be given as required by relevant regulations due to a major epidemic.

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