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  1. The construction of the curtain wall product structure and the acceleration of technological innovation. After decades of development, the functions and materials of the curtain wall products are continuously enriched, especially with the development and technology of new materials, the building curtain wall gradually develops to energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligent development. enter the market.
    The construction curtain wall enterprises must have design qualification certificates, production licenses, and construction qualification certificates. Fund barriers, the building curtain wall industry is a capital -intensive industry. The construction cycle of the building curtain wall is long, the money is difficult, and the amount of funds is large. This is a major obstacle to entering the industry.
    The expansion information:
    In hidden frame curtain walls and semi -hidden frame curtain walls usually use pressure plate (compression) transmission force. There are two types of pressure plates. After the fixed -purse plate is tightened by connecting the bolt, its pressing gap is relatively fixed, and the pressure on the auxiliary frame of the glass panel is relatively consistent. It is convenient for absorbing structure and temperature to reduce friction and noise. Causes image distortion of glass panels.
    The fake light box usually installs a decorative bar at the seam of the hidden curtain wall to play a decorative effect of the bright frame curtain wall. This structure should be designed with the design method of the hidden frame curtain wall to design hollow glass and structural glue, that is, the second sealing glue should be seal with silicone structure glue. If a polyssulum glue is used as the second seal of hollow glass, although it is not necessarily damaged under ultraviolet rays, there is still unsafe factors.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-curtain wall

  2. Talk about your own views and opinions on the technological development trend of architecture curtain walls.
    1. The development of building curtain walls is inseparable from energy -saving technology
    Energy is a major problem related to the national economy and people's livelihood. After the outbreak of the second oil crisis, countries around the world attach great importance to energy problems. The country's energy policies and laws and regulations actively encourage the development, application and promotion of energy conservation technology. Most of our country's land is in high latitudes, the population and residence are relatively scattered, the temperature difference between the four seasons is large, the energy consumption and energy waste of the building are more serious. Therefore, the energy conservation and shape of the building in my country are more serious and the tasks are more difficult and urgent.
    This government reviewing the situation and promulgating and implementing my country's construction energy conservation policy. According to the requirements of the national building energy conservation policy, before 2000, the newly designed heating and residential buildings should be reduced by 50%on the basis of energy consumption in 1980 and 1981. From 2005, new heating living buildings should be based on this. Energy -saving 30%of energy, 30%of energy saving on this basis in 2010. In recent years, some areas have also been promulgated in some areas of the country to implement the policy of saving energy.
    The energy-saving measures currently adopted are:
    ⑴ hollow glass, especially LOW-E hollow glass technology.
    ordinary white glass is 6mm, and the K value is about 5W/㎡ k;
    5 6 5 ordinary hollow glass, K value is about 2.6 ~ 3.5W/㎡ K.
    If the LOW-E hollow glass and fill the air, the K value can reach 1.6 ~ 1.8W/㎡ K. LOW-E hollow glass energy-saving effect is obvious. In winter, the heat radiation of indoor heating can be effectively prevented from leaking outward; in summer, the heat radiation outside is prevented from entering the room.
    隔 "intervals of broken bridge" technology
    At present, domestic thermal breaking profiles are composed of "pressing crafts" or "irrigation process" to reduce the energy consumption of aluminum profiles.
    2. The building curtain wall will become environmentally friendly products
    With the increase of population and the development of industrial, the environment of our survival has deteriorated, and the atmosphere, ocean, and rivers are polluted, and land desertification worsens. It has recognized the importance of protecting the environment and the impact of the re -use of resources on the sustainable development. Therefore, promoting and using environmental protection technology will definitely become an indispensable main theme of technological progress. Once the following environmental protection technologies break through The building curtain wall brings new structures or products.
    . The materials used in building curtain walls are alleviated with the degree of pollution or pollution of the environment in production, processing, and transportation.
    : The materials used in building curtain walls save energy during production and processing, thereby indirectly protecting the environment.
    Cup n The materials used in the building curtain wall can be reused.
    3. The improvement of the quality of human life requires that the building curtain wall has high comfortable performance
    With the development and progress of society, human beings have entered a civilized society. Quality of life. In the long run, all technology and products that can provide convenience and create a comfortable environment can be combined with the curtain wall. Among them, it brings comfortable content, including color matching, use, and light control. The feeling of comfortable content includes use methods, high air quality, and low noise. At present, some of the existing technologies and products include:
    ⑴ Open device, electronic lock, intercom door technology and smoke induction, rain sensing technology.
    : Self -cleaning technology
    -s -dual -layer curtain wall structure, using shielding effects to reduce noise, using the shading system to adjust the weakness of indoor light; use channels or filtering devices to purify the air to change the air flow rate and direction; it can be in the double layer. Place humidifiers in the inner layers of the curtain wall to further improve air quality.
    4. The design of the building curtain wall enters the era of rational personalization
    In the long river of human history, the architectural styles of different countries and different eras have obvious differences. Style architecture, which is formed by the different nature of human society, region, culture, politics, and religion, and is a concrete manifestation of human cultural diversity. However, no matter how the architectural style develops and changes, the architecture exists as an art. As the shell of this artwork, the building curtain wall cannot be a superimposition of the simple industrial product volume. Future trend. At the same time, the building curtain wall is different from art. It also has the characteristics of industrial products. When designing and manufacturing building curtain walls, it is necessary to consider wind, rain, atmosphere, earthquake, temperature, self -weight, load, etc. It must be based on a complete and technical feasibility basis. This requires designers to build curtain walls to have both artistic innovation and modern science and technology knowledge. Only those with a perfect combination of art and technology can design the classics With the development of architecture, the building curtain wall will enter the era of rational and personalized.
    5. The curtain wall has multifunctional
    The emergence of building curtain walls has become a symbol of modern architecture. It has gradually been recognized by people after more than a century of development. At present, the main role of building curtain walls is covering the wind, rain, lighting, and heat insulation, which is an outer surrounding structure. But in the long run, the building curtain wall will definitely develop in multifunctional directions. The use of the structure of the building curtain wall can reduce the comprehensive cost and reduce the waste of resources. At present, some technologies and products have emerged, as follows:
    . to achieve heating through building curtain wall keel.
    : Curtains and window sills combined with the building curtain wall.
    Although the technical development of the curtain wall is rapid, the building curtain wall is still a younger industry in my country. There are many technical knowledge to study and learn and climb. Its future is bright. This requires us to grasp the development trend of the building curtain wall. Go with the times and integrate with the world's advanced level as soon as possible. Not only do the number of buildings in the number of building curtain walls, but also to be a big technology country. Only in this way can we create a new situation in the construction curtain wall.

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  5. Mainly do metal roof design for exhibitions, airports, gymnasiums and other metal roofs. The company mainly sells the metal boards of the roof to provide customers with a complete metal roof solution. Intersection Intersection What is the treatment level? (Specific annual salary?) Where is the direction of development? Will this kind of technical support for selling products will be more dependent on the company. In the future, it is limited to find a job in the future? In addition, compared with the curtain wall industry (curtain wall design), which one is more promising? Which of the treatment is better? I want to understand the inside story, answer

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