4 thoughts on “I need to send some pictures for many groups to do Weishang. Is there any group software?”

  1. There are many WeChat groups on the market. For example, similar to the functions such as "Ride ZS" generally include multiple groups, multi -message group issuance, intimate group haircuts and other functions. Multiple groups are the most common. You can send messages to multiple groups with one click, and you can choose a good group to send messages to send messages. Multi -message groups can be sent with multiple messages, including graphic, applets, public accounts, articles, etc. are all possible. The intimate group, over the New Year, always send a WeChat blessing to friends and relatives. But there are so many friends who can't get up at all, and the group feels impolite. At this time, you can use this function

  2. Going more, we have done such a long time of micro -quotient, and we need to go to group to send some pictures to many groups. For these words, use the Reed Assistant to open the group and send it perfectly to operate perfectly.

  3. As the saying goes, if you want to be good at work, you must first benefit it. Here are 4 software that are suitable for WeChat users.
    1, micro -quotient watermark camera
    Old micro -business drawing software, with rich poster materials, one -stop drawing, video, material reposting tools, the main functions include batch picture watermarks, circular frames, highlights, highlights, and circular frames. Cana, mosaic, posters and video templates, video plus subtitles, video change, video cut, video rotation, video inverted, video stitching, pictures and video mixes, etc. It can basically meet the needs of most micro -business teams.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    2, Tiantian Friends Circle
    Different from "Weishang Watermark Camera", the main circle of friends in the circle of friends Very rich copywriting materials and accurate classification of materials in various industries. WeChat users can use momentum to drain and publicize their own product. The main functions include the documentation material of the circle of friends, the customization of the poster, the emoji package, etc., and support the one -click forwarding. It can meet the micro -business team that often promotes products in the circle of friends.
    Recommended index: ★★★★★
    3, manuscript design
    The predecessor of the design design is "Daily Merchants". At present, it mainly provides online cutout technical support. Online plane poster design support Function, provide replaceable material templates for editing. The software has a very rich feature, providing users with a variety of templates, and the operation is very simple, so that novice users of Weishang can also easily make good -looking designs without professional knowledge. Suitable for fools.
    Recommended index: ★★★★
    4, micro -business album
    It micro -business album is a software that shared the photo album for the micro -business team. One -click transfers, search for models and other functions. The main features of micro -business products sharing, suitable for the use of micro -business teams that need to develop agents.
    Recommended index: ★★★★
    This is several easy -to -use software we found in the operation process. It is recommended to you. It's not easy to share, please adopt it.

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