What is the overall strategic deployment of urbanization during the 12th Five -Year Plan period, what is the overall strategic deployment of urbanization

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  1. 5. Promote coordinated development of the region, actively and stable urbanization

    The overall strategy of regional development and main functional zone strategies to implement regional economic advantages, clear main functional positioning, efficient land space, human and nature The regional development pattern of harmony is gradually realized to equalize basic public services in different regions. Adhere to the urbanization road with Chinese characteristics, scientifically formulate urbanization development plans, and promote the healthy development of urbanization.

    (18) The overall strategy of regional development. Persist in putting in -depth implementation of the western development strategy at the overall strategy of regional development, give special policy support, give play to the advantages of resource and ecological security, strengthen infrastructure construction and ecological environmental protection, vigorously develop scientific and technological education, support characteristic and advantageous industries development Essence Strengthen the development of Tibet, Xinjiang and other ethnic regions, and support the development of young people in the young people. Comprehensively revitalize old industrial bases such as the Northeast region, give full play to the strong advantages of industrial and technological foundations, improve the modern industrial system, and promote the transformation and development of regions in resource exhaustion. Vigorously promote the rise of the central region, give full play to the location advantage of Cheng Dongqi, improve the investment environment, strengthen the advantageous industries, develop the modern industrial system, and strengthen the status of transportation hubs. Actively support the development of the Eastern region, play a supporting role in the national economic development, and participate in the forefront of the country in the country in a higher level to participate in international economic cooperation and competition, and in the transformation of economic development methods, adjusting economic structure and independent innovation. Strengthen and improve cross -regional cooperation mechanisms, eliminate market barriers, promote the flow of factors, and guide the orderly transfer of the industry. Implement regional mutual assistance policies and carry out various forms of counterpart support. Increase support for the old revolutionary areas, ethnic areas, frontier areas, and poor areas. Bettering the important role of the Special Economic Zone, Shanghai Pudong New Area, and Tianjin Binhai New District in the reform and opening up first. Accelerate the development and opening up along the border areas, strengthen the construction of international channels, border cities, and ports, and to implement the actions of prosperous people to enrich the people.

    (19) Implement the main functional area strategy. In accordance with the requirements of the national economic reasonable layout, standardize development order, control development intensity, and form an efficient, coordinated and sustainable land and space development pattern. Optimize development of some urbanized areas with dense population, high development intensity, and excessive resource and environmental load. Urbanized areas with strong resource and environmental carrying capacity and good agglomeration and economic conditions must focus on development. For key ecological function areas that affect global ecological security, large -scale and high -intensity industrialized urbanization should be limited. Development of various types of natural and cultural resource protection areas and other areas of natural cultural resources at all levels should be prohibited. Basically formation of laws and regulations, policies, and planning systems that meet the requirements of the main functional area, improve the performance evaluation methods and interest compensation mechanisms, and guide all regions to strictly promote the development of the main functional positioning.

    (20) Improve the urbanization layout and form. In accordance with the principles of planning, reasonable layout, improvement of functions, and small belts, we follow the objective laws of urban development, rely on large cities, and focus on small and medium -sized cities. Coordinated urban development. Scientific planning of the functional positioning and industrial layout of various cities in the urban group, alleviating the pressure of the central urban area of ​​the Great Cities, strengthening the function of small and medium -sized cities, enhancing public services and living functions of small cities, and promoting infrastructure such as transportation, communication, power supply, and drainage of large, small and small cities Integrated construction and network development.

    (21) Strengthen urbanization management. It is necessary to gradually convert the agricultural transfer population that meets the settlement conditions into an important task for urban residents to promote urbanization. To strengthen and improve population management in large cities, small and medium cities and small towns should relax the settlement conditions of the foreign population according to the actual situation. Focus on solving the protection of the rights and interests of migrant workers in the system. Reasonably determine the boundaries of urban development, increase the population density of the construction area, and prevent excessive expansion of large cities. Urban planning and construction should pay attention to people -oriented, land -saving energy, ecological environmental protection, safety and practicality, prominent characteristics, protecting cultural and natural heritage, strengthening planning binding, strengthening the construction of urban public facilities, and preventing and governing "urban diseases".

    The adjustment of land, fiscal and taxation, financial policy regulation, accelerating the construction of housing information systems, improving the housing system and policy system that meets the national conditions, and reasonably guided housing demand. Strengthen the duties of governments at all levels, increase the construction of affordable housing projects, accelerate the transformation of shantytowns, develop public rental housing, and increase the supply of housing in low- and middle -income residents. Strengthen market supervision, standardize the order of real estate market, curb speculative demand, and promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate industry.

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