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  1. China Merchants is the purpose of the enterprise based on resource integration. It uses the network of dealers in the local market to quickly build product sales channels, accelerate the pace of infiltration of the product market, and strive for the channel construction and expansion activities of market competition. However, investment promotion is not able to achieve overnight. For an enterprise, China Merchants is a systematic engineering that moves the whole body. The time span is large, the departments are widely involved, and there are many links.

    If promotion is a systematic engineering

    . Investment involves multiple different aspects and links
    In our country, actively carrying out foreign investment in the country (border). Become an effective way to promote local economic development in all provinces, municipalities and other regions. To this end, professional investment institutions have been established in many places, such as China Merchants. But in fact, China Merchants is a cross -departmental work. It is not the entire process of a certain department that can complete the investment promotion. The investment involves various aspects and links. For example, before the implementation of an investment promotion activity, the investment promotion department needed to formulate an investment promotion plan in advance to determine the list of project investment projects. The determination of these projects must be consistent with the country's industrial policy and local industrial development planning. The process of investment promotion is also the process of publicity and seeking partners. Investment involves the work of the propaganda department. In the later period of investment promotion, customs, border inspection, industry and commerce, fire protection, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, labor safety and other departments will also intervene in the approval and procedures of the project. For some projects with special requirements, there may be more departments and links involved. It can be seen that China Merchants is not an isolated work that can be done separately in a certain department. It involves the wide range of departments and most of the links.
    . Investment promotion is an interactive overall in all aspects
    . Although there are many aspects and links involved in the investment work, its directionality and purpose are extremely clear. Investment is to attract foreign funds, technology and management experience in a positive and feasible way to promote the economic development of the region. With this "purpose" and "direction" as the main line, other departments and other work can be penetrated, so that other departments can be targeted to work, and it is carried out around this main line. Through the main line of the "purpose" of investment promotion, the separate and interconnected departments and all aspects of work are connected into an interconnected and influential whole. In this whole, if the departments complement each other and work together, they will jointly promote the development of investment promotion towards favorable aspects. Conversely, if in this whole, various departments do things, which is undoubtedly not conducive to the realization of the purpose of investment promotion. The overall and global interests will be affected by a single and local interest conflict. Therefore, we must take investment promotion as a whole as a whole to each other to re -understand.
    . Investment promotion needs to plan and coordinate
    In essentially speaking, China Merchants is a work with a large time span, widely involved in departments, and many links. For a country, a region, and a unit, investment promotion is a systematic engineering that moves the whole body. To make this huge and complex system project run in an orderly manner, to meet the expected goals, first of all, it is necessary to plan the investment. Only by investing in a thorough and systematic and scientific planning, can it be called a successful investment. If there is no planning in advance, it will be temporarily hugging the feet on the negotiating table. A part of the link with planning is a coordinated plan. If it is said that the investment promotion is to obtain a satisfactory effect. Then, the coordination of the investment promotion is to make the investment promotion a more successful effect. In a strict sense, the signing of the project contract is not the end of the investment process. Only when both parties or multiple parties have achieved their own interests and a reasonable return can the investment promotion has a successful result. Therefore, in order to complete a strict investment promotion activity, it is necessary to coordinate and cooperate with other departments related to each other and support each other. In actual work, due to the differences in the specialization of various departments, various departments often do their own things during the investment promotion because of emphasizing their work responsibilities. It is necessary to unify the work of relatively independent departments to coordinate and make it together to focus on the common goals of China Merchants. Only by doing the overall planning of the investment promotion can the work of each department be consistent, a game of chess, avoid pushing each other and bullshit.
    . The skill of planning determines the success of the success of the investment
    The success of the promotion depends on various factors such as policies, regulations, environment, and planning. Among them, the planning skills are a vital influential factors. If you are willing to work hard in planning and formulate a more thoughtful and detailed investment plan and strategy, you can avoid blindness and randomness in the investment promotion activities. The better the effect of the investment promotion. If you are reluctant to work hard, the effect of the investment cannot be guaranteed.
    Im promotion work can start from the following three aspects. [1] The first step: determine the target investment group that suits you.
    Is after the new product is listed, according to the market positioning, product characteristics, and channel characteristics of the product to determine the dealer target group that suits them. Enterprises should pay attention to the long -term development of the enterprise, and require dealers to have the operating capacity of the operation market. It is not that as long as they have money, they can become the dealer of the enterprise. Do not just use investment promotion as a means to make money.
    Im promotion is a two -way choice, just like falling in love, asking for each other. If the company is a man, the dealer is the woman. The man should show his strength and his own mate selection criteria. The woman must also see whether it can meet the men's requirements according to their own conditions. If the conditions meet, then it is a good thing for both parties. If the conditions do not meet and barely make together, it will be a loss to both parties. If the dealer chooses improperly, in the future market operation, the dealer will not have enough operating capabilities and affect the normal operation of the market. Because the sales volume is not available, the dealer blindly supports the manufacturer. The hook can not give the dealer's excessive support, which leads to the disconnection of cooperation, and eventually leads to the "death" of the dealer.
    The dealer fell down. It seems to be just the loss of the dealer. It has no impact on the company, but it is not. Generally speaking, the number of dealers set up in a region is limited, and the downtime of local dealers represents the loss of the company's market in the region. It is not easy for enterprises to re -enter the market. Although it is caused by dealers' personal reasons, it is something that is unclear. Because people do not know the truth, they will lose confidence in the product, and it is difficult to develop new dealers. Therefore, for enterprises, it is not dealers, but the entire regional market.
    Is when attracting companies, the choice of dealers should be targeted. Do not pick mushrooms. Although they hope that the more mushrooms in the basket, the better, but the poisonous mushrooms must learn to give up. Otherwise, at the beginning, it may satisfy my desire, but it will eventually cause damage to myself.
    The best is the best. Before the investment promotion, enterprises must combine their actual needs to make full market research and analysis, determine the scope of the dealer that suits them, and conduct targeted and selective investment promotion. Generally, the method of determining the scope of the dealer is the following:
    . Competitors dealer.
    Meadians are familiar with the industry, products, and market operations, companies can use their advantages in this regard to quickly start the market. Because competitors 'dealers are very familiar with the industry, it is not easy to turn competitors' dealers into their own dealers. Enterprises can find in two ways:
    ) Dealers with poor operating conditions. This type of dealer must determine that the dealer's performance is not good due to insufficient support from the manufacturer or because the manufacturer's own operation is not good, instead of the dealer's own reasons. Dealers have lost confidence in competitors. We can convince them to give up competitors and become our dealers.
    2) Dealers with good business conditions, but dissatisfaction with manufacturers. Such dealers are in good operation. Although they have good sales, because the commitment of competitors cannot be achieved, the interests of dealers cannot be guaranteed. The dealers are dissatisfied with competitors. We can convince them to give up competitors. Become our dealer.
    3) Dealers with good operating conditions and very satisfied with manufacturers. This type of dealer has a high degree of loyalty to competitors, but we can use the price differences with some opponents to persuade them to open another store that can repeatedly use the company's sales and after -sales service personnel to operate. Because the price of the two products is different, the target consumption groups they face are different, and they will not pose a threat to the original store, which is a matter of two beauty for dealers.
    . Related product dealers.
    The products refer to products similar to corporate products or distribution methods, such as health products and medicine, food and beverages, solar energy and water heating equipment, bicycles and motorcycles. Because the distribution of these products is correlated and the product operation methods are similar, dealers are often easier to intervene. Such dealers have certain sales experience, have a strong sense of distribution, have certain economic strength, and are easier to find when we are attracting investment. They should be one of the focus of corporate investment.
    3. Potential dealers with idle funds.
    This dealers have a certain amount of capital strength, and at the same time have the desire to invest, and can also become the target dealer of the enterprise. Although they lack industry knowledge and product distribution experience, because they are involved in a new industry or business for the first time, they often do things very seriously. As long as they have a certain sense of distribution, they can quickly grow into excellent after training and guidance by manufacturers. Dealer.
    In the second step: what way to find?
    Is after the company has determined its own target investment promotion group, the next thing to do is to find this part of the people and do their thoughts as their thoughts Work and convince them to distribute our products. How can I find this part of the people quickly, efficiently, and low -cost? This requires companies to adopt different ways of searching according to different target groups.
    1. Advertising investment.
    C advertising investment is a common way of attracting investment. It mainly spreads the investment information of the enterprise through various advertising media, collects customer information through telephone, fax, letter, etc., and guides it through further negotiations to guide People come through the company's products. This investment method is mainly suitable for the relatively few business personnel of the enterprise and need to develop the market quickly, or the company's products have a certain reputation. In the late stage of market development, the establishment of the sales network is relatively sound. The dealers of related products have no intention to cooperate. If they want to further expand the market, they need to find potential dealers with idle funds. This part of the dealer cannot find it through business personnel. Dig out this potential dealer.
    The cost of advertising and investment promotion is high, and it is not suitable for new products to use a large number of investment advertisements in the early stage of listing. Because people are often cautious when choosing investment projects, they lack confidence in new products that lack brand awareness and have no interest, so the effect of advertising and investment is not obvious. Often spending a lot of advertising fees, it is not possible to recruit suitable dealers, causing waste of resources.
    The advantage of advertising and investment is that it is widely disseminated and can find potential dealers that many business personnel cannot find. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, the quality of the investment is low, and the target is poor.
    . The business personnel visited the investment promotion.
    Chat business staff is the most direct way of attracting investment. It is mainly to visit and communicate with the purpose of competitors and dealers of related products after the company determines the investment group. Investment.
    Mochority method is mainly adapted to the early stages of listing and market development. The company's strength is relatively weak. For potential dealers with no dealer experience, the company's later training and guidance cannot keep up. For competitors of competitors and dealers of related products. Therefore, enterprises can arrange business personnel to visit target investment groups with a target investment group.
    The advantage of business personnel to visit investment is strong targeted, dealers' high distribution capacity and fast speed, which can save a lot of advertising fees. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to find potential dealers with idle funds, which requires higher quality requirements for business personnel.
    The third step: How to make them willing to do it?
    Whether the investment promotion method is, the ultimate purpose is to spread the investment information to the target investment group. Today, when the investment information is full, people's investment is becoming increasingly rational. It is not a lot of work to spread the spread of investment information. There are still a lot of work to do. How can we make dealers reassuring the company's products quickly and effectively? Through the preparations of early personnel visits and advertising investment, we need to organize an investment promotion. At the meeting, we must organize the dealers as much as possible to give the dealer a sense of urgency so that they realize: you do n’t do it, someone does it. At the China Merchants Association, companies can prepare from the following aspects.
    1. Display corporate strength and let dealers understand the past of the company.
    First, let dealers understand the history of the development of the enterprise. Dealers are unfamiliar with enterprises. To allow dealers to reassure their products, they must make dealers trust the enterprise. How to make dealers trust our companies is not enough to rely on companies alone, and it is necessary to have convincing investment tools. Such as the honor obtained by the company, the media's reports of the company, and so on.
    . Establish a model market to let dealers see their future.
    In the process of investment in enterprises, it is not enough to rely on one investment advertisement and lobbying of business personnel. We must let the dealers see the actual things. This requires enterprises to establish a model market. For strict management of the model market enterprises, from the construction of storefronts to the training of shopping guide must be standardized, and the model shops must be the image store of the enterprise. While the China Merchants Association, you can bring dealers to visit the model shop, so that the dealer feels from the model shop that this is his future.
    3. Make long -term planning and let dealers see the prospects of development.
    At the meeting, enterprises should make long -term planning, portray the prospects of the enterprise, and establish a long -term development corporate image. Let the dealer feel that this is a very potential company, and cooperation with such enterprises is promising.
    4. Establish operating operating models to rest assured dealers.
    In a simple distribution model for dealers, forming a model from the decoration of the store, the placement of the product, the training of shopping guides, business management, and promotion. This model is simple and easy to operate. As long as the dealer operates in this model, you can have a good income. Generally, the dealer is not worried that the investment amount is too high, but how to sell it after the purchase. The distribution model allows dealers to feel that companies do not allow dealers to sell themselves, but companies are selling them together, allowing dealers to eliminate their worries.
    5. Facts are better than arguments, and dealers appear.
    Is to the outstanding dealers who have cooperated to show their opinions, telling their experience and operating performance with the enterprise, and using specific numbers to illustrate the benefits of the product to themselves. Facts are better than arguments. Through the explanation of existing dealers, it can dispel the doubts about the product of the product. If others do it, then it is necessary to do it by yourself.
    6. Experts are brainwashing and eliminate the doubts of dealers.
    IV experts in the industry to analyze the industry and products to enhance the credibility of the product. Dealers come to meet with doubts. Enterprises can ask experts to answer them one by one on the dealer's doubts. From the perspective of dealers, experts' answers are much stronger than the credibility of the company. As long as the dealer's doubts are lifted, the cooperation is basically completed.
    7. The business staff followed up and hit the iron while it was hot.
    In after the meeting, the dealer already had enough understanding of enterprises and products, and the doubts in their hearts were basically eliminated, but most of the dealers are now more rational, and they will not reach an agreement due to the momentary fever of the mind. Essence This requires the business personnel to follow up in time, conduct multiple visits in the shortest time, use the remaining heat of the China Merchants Association, and strive to achieve cooperation while it is hot.
    In short, the investment promotion of the enterprise must be targeted and cannot blindly dream about the whole river fish. Choose a dealer that suits you and cooperate with sincerity. After the China Merchants Association, there must be a Norvan. Only in this way can you achieve a virtuous circle and ensure that the investment promotion work in the later period can be carried out in an orderly manner. No matter what means of the company, the ultimate purpose of the investment promotion is not to circle money, but to serve the sales of the product.

    In the coordination of China Merchants

    . There should be special agencies to grasp, coordinate, and control investment in the overall and global situation The whole is a systematic engineering involving multiple aspects and links. In order to enable China Merchants, a systematic engineering specification operation of the cross -department and cross -industry, it must be overall to the investment promotion. The overall planning of investment promotion is to indicate to be grasped, coordinated and controlled by the overall and global situation. The overall planning of the investment promotion can be screwed on a rope to promote the investment promotion work together; the overall work is not done well, and it will restrain each other during the investment promotion process to form internal consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to independent and strengthen the function of China Merchants and strengthen it. To strengthen the overall planning function of investment promotion, specialized institutions must be established to take responsibility and fulfill this function. In recent years, some provinces and municipalities have established China Merchants Bureau, which is the performance of attracting investment in China. Without a special institution, it is difficult to coordinate the work and interests between the inter -departmental departments, and it cannot surpass the narrow department's perspective to obtain the coordination of the overall work. In order to attract foreign investment and promote economic development in more places, a country and region often cultivate multiple investment subjects at the same time and exert multiple enthusiasm. Each investment promotion body supports each other in work, cooperates with each other, but also competes. In order to ensure that the competition of each investment promotion can be carried out fairly and orderly, it is not necessary to harm the overall interests of the overall interests due to the struggle for local interests to coordinate and control the activities of the investment subjects. Therefore, a specialized agency grasping, coordination, and control of investment promotion from the overall, global, and global is a prerequisite for coordination.
    . The investment promotion should be coordinated with the overall economic development and layout
    The purpose of investment promotion to promote the economic development of the region. Therefore, China Merchants must coordinate with the overall economic development and layout of the region. First of all, the investment promotion strategy should be based on the economic development strategy of the region and the basis. The investment promotion strategy must obey the entire development strategy. In a more stringent sense, the investment promotion strategy should become part of the regional economic development strategy. Secondly, the introduction of the project is in line with the industrial policy and industrial layout of the region. Because the development between various industries, the weight of each industry, and its relationship are objective and laws, there are certain upstream and downstream relationships between the raw material industry, processing industry and machinery manufacturing and electronics industry. The industrial policy of a region has been set and the industrial layout has been formed. The introduction of projects must naturally consider the promotion role in the development of the region. Third, China Merchants must change with the changes in the industrial layout. The development of the industry -development -molding -decline -elimination process. The industrial layout in a region may have different characteristics in different periods. Some emerging industries are developing, and at the same time, some sunset industries have been eliminated. Some of the labor -intensive "short, flat, fast" projects introduced at the beginning of the coastal city development zone are facing relocation or elimination. Investment must also keep up with the step of adjustment of the industrial structure.
    . The overall planning of investment promotion and regional planning
    regional planning is a programmatic document to guide a regional social and economic development within a certain period of time. Any social, economic and cultural measures must be formulated around this programmatic document, and investment promotion is no exception. The 9.6 square kilometers of the western district of the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone is divided into Beiwei Industrial Zone and Nanduan Comprehensive Commercial Living Area. Therefore, it is advisable to develop pollution -free electronics and component industries. The former industrial zone of Hong Kong is close to the dock, and some large metal products and machinery manufacturing industries should be deployed. Project introduction during the investment promotion and the arrangement of project land conforms to the planning of this area. Of course, the project introduction also conflicts with regional planning. When the two conflicts, do not change the plan at will. Even if the plan is properly adjusted, it should be based on a base that has been fully demonstrated, rigorous scientific analysis and research, and must not work with subjective will. In the history of regional economic development, cases that ultimately affect the social and economic development of the entire region due to violation of planning and disrespectful planning are worth learning from.
    . The cooperation with the construction of the investment with base facilities is considered
    The base facilities are a hard environment for investment. To invest in a factory in one place, we must first have the basic ones such as water, power, drainage, and sewage. Hardware facilities. Whether the base facilities are complete is an important factor affecting the investment promotion. Generally speaking, the construction of base facilities should be in front of the project introduction, that is, it should be "land and other projects." However, the situation of "land and other projects must have two prerequisites: one is that the introduction of the project must have a greater grasp, otherwise the situation of" land sun exposure to the sun "will be produced; Government) It must have a strong foundation for financial resources, otherwise when infrastructure investment cannot be recovered in time, it must bear huge funding pressure. Of course, infrastructure construction cannot be blindly advanced to the project introduction of the project. The backlog of development is increased. In the infrastructure construction, the progress of infrastructure construction is coordinated with the speed of project introduction, and some development zones in China have made useful explorations and achieved good benefits. The development zone uses foreign prepaid deposits, and then land acquisition, "six pass and one level" (water through water, power, sewage, drainage drainage, channel, telecommunications, and flat land). There is a time difference between the construction, and the local government can complete the land acquisition and the "six pass and one flat" work within this time difference. The biggest advantage of this method is that it will not cause the idleness of the land and the waste of funds, but it must also be based on local governments. Higher work efficiency and guarantee of the construction of infrastructure construction on time. In comparison, the latter way is more desirable than "land and other projects".

  2. Second, system planning investment process. If the enterprise itself is unprofessional, you can pack everything out of professional companies. Enterprises only need to concentrate their efforts to operate their core business, and recruit franchisees, dealers, and partnerships to be fully delivered to China Merchants Gang.
    . Carefully review dealer credit and background. The stronger the stronger, the better, the key is to find the most suitable for you.
    . Establish the feasibility of the model market inspection and marketing model and scheme. Provide dealers with market operation templates and tailor -made exclusive solutions.
    5. Integrate multi -party social resources, use value marketing and authoritative marketing to focus on eyeballs and trigger topics. At the same time, it gives enterprises or product humanistic value elements to enhance its good image.
    6. Establish a full -time investment management institution, select professional investment media, and strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of the process.
    can refer to joining China to join!

  3. First of all, you need to determine one of your cooperation. After that, you can see how much costs need to be joined, including the decoration of the store. The cost of a person in the later period is good. After that, you can start to open the store. Then the most important thing is to be the most important thing. Successfully selected the site, um, let's go to Mi Bayi to see, there can be customer service staff to explain directly to you, which is also good.

  4. Looking for the customer group suitable for enterprise investment, to attract customers' attention by promoting the strength of the enterprise.

  5. 1. Project negotiation.
    The project negotiations are the most common form of investment promotion. It is a project proposed by the investment unit to bring a joint venture, cooperation or introduction, and negotiate with the merchant in a targeted manner. It is characterized by strong targeted and easy to attract interesting merchants, has great influence and good results. The organizers can send technical experts to contact the merchants directly.
    2, project conference.
    The project conference is often adopted by China Merchants. It is a project that is proposed to introduce joint ventures and cooperation on a certain occasion to explain the characteristics and technical and funding requirements of the investment project in order to attract merchants.
    3, economic and technological cooperation and exchange meeting.
    Economic and technological cooperation and exchanges are a method of attracting investment with a higher level and a large range. It is characterized by high levels and large scope, which can be investment in many industries.
    4. Investment seminar.
    If investment seminars are a smaller and shorter investment form. It is usually a research seminar on regional investment strategies, policies, status and development trends held by government departments and economic research institutions. It is characterized by flexibility, that is, the prodigal and pragmatic. The organizer can publish some projects to make investment promotion, which can introduce the investment environment of the region and the use of foreign capital policies to achieve the effect of publicity.
    5, visit the door.
    The visit to the door is an auxiliary activity with obvious investment in the investment promotion. In addition to the investment promotion team or holding rally investment promotion activities at home and abroad, it will visit multinational companies, investment consulting companies, accountants and other intermediary agencies to publicize the investment environment, introduce investment projects, and explore good works. It is characterized by flexibility, strong targetedness, harmonious atmosphere, and easily attracts the interest of the visitors.
    6, find investment outsourcing company.
    The main task of China Merchants Outsourcing Company is to help companies quickly expand their markets, find suitable franchise agents through big data analysis, and aggregate the one -stop solution of the enterprise.

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