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  1. Cable five -key remote control

    voice prompt function

    metal handle remote control, water resistance and waterproof

    computer recognition degree of attack, graded environmental protection Alarm

    The luggage detection

    M remote control open the luggage

    If anti -error operation, automatically respond to anti -theft and anti -set status
    n prevention Grab/help for help/car search alarm design

    In central door lock control automation

    The remote control

    is in the anti -theft state, click the lock button, the speaker BBB three sounds, the direction light flash, enter the dense

    code, do not press a password, the direction light flashes, and let After the password is correct, the speaker BB twice, lifting the anti -

    stolen, the car opens the door.

    If in the input password error, the speaker emits three bbb three sounds (such as selecting voice, the speaker BBB three

    The voice prompt "Please enter the correct password"), the direction light Flash, request to enter the density again

    code, pass the wrong password for 5 consecutive times, and automatically alarm for 25 ~ 30 seconds, but you can press any

    key to stop after 4 seconds. Alarm, at the same time, close the password for 3 minutes, and the system automatically restores to the original settings

    . Enter 5 more errors to close for 10 minutes, and then enter 5 consecutive errors for 15 minutes.

    The closure and opening of the password

    Close the password: In the state of non -anti -theft, spin the key to ON, press the lock health for 5 seconds, the speaker D one
    n n n n n n n n n n R n Sound prompts (if the voice is selected, there will be voice prompts "passwords" after the speaker D),

    The anti -theft device has no password but the basic function is unchanged.

    In the password: Spin the key to ON, press the unlock key for 5 seconds, and the speaker DD two prompts (such as

    voice, there will be voice prompts after two speakers DD sounds. "Password has been opened"), prompting the original password.

    Performance parameters

    Properative working voltage: 12V

    Static current: u003C20ma

    R n
    The anti -theft speakers Sound: 85 ~ 105db

    1 host, 2 remote control, 1 sensor, LED warning light, voice speaker, wire beam, beam ,

    antenna composition.

    The brand products enjoy the national "three packages" policies. Normal use, such as product system
    n Give free maintenance within the year.

    The note:


    A: You cannot disassemble the machine without authorization.

    B: It is forbidden to be close to high -frequency electric waves or placed in an environment with a temperature higher than the 60 camera system.

    C: Three products are used for the latest high -performance computer chips. To ensure the best performance, please use alkali

    The battery of sex AAA7. (When the battery power is insufficient, it has a greater impact on the distance.)

    D: When used in places with high -rise buildings or electromagnetic waves, the distance from the remote control will be shortened.

    E: When used on vehicles with explosion -proof membranes, the distance from the remote control back of the control will be affected to a certain extent.

    The reasons to select General Iron:

    1. China's well -known trademark,
    n 2. The strictest ISOTS16949 certification in the automotive industry,

    3. Guangdong brand products,

    4. ISO9001 quality management system certification of TUV in Germany,

    5. China Security Prevention Industry Association Vice Chairman Unit Unit ,rnrn  6.产品用国际标准制造,rnrn  7.省工程技术研发中心,rnrn  8.一流设备,一流制造工艺,

    9. Provincial high -level high -paying technology enterprises,

    10. Complete market networks and high -quality after -sales service.

    brand introduction

    In Guangdong Railway General Anti -theft Equipment Co., Ltd., in accordance with the "sincere, innovative, passionate" enterprise

    The cultural concept, continuously launch high -performance products, strive to create miracles, and become a well -known steam

    The development and manufacturer in the field of car theft and car removal radar. The products we sell

    The products include car and motorcycle anti -theft, car removal radar and car audio. The

    The army not only effectively integrates the relevant resource advantages, but also takes the lead in the Chinese market.

    Provide high -quality products for European, American, Japanese,

    The world major economic developed countries and regions such as Australia and East Asia

    services. General Iron's products not only have advanced and stable functions, but also in appearance design

    The guide new trends of consumption. The unidirectional anti -theft device of the car anti -theft has become the

    standard for the industry.

    What are the characteristics of the general series reversing radar products?

    (1) Application for all-weather
    (2) Waterproof / Cream / Wind Sand Three Defense Designs
    (3) CM precision detection
    (4) 250cm- 30cm precise number display
    (5) Probe self -examination, abnormal tips
    (6) live pronunciation "heartbeat" alarm sound, dual prompt
    (7) Chinese voice
    ( 8) Double host (dual -display model)

  2. Haha, there are no big problems.

    This problem is very simple. It is not high enough of the anti -theft device. Generally, the default sensitivity of the factory is very low. You can increase the sensitivity of the anti -theft device. You better need a product manual.

    Is the specific function of the robber, you can see that product manual. In addition, the specific function of this product shows that the friends in front have been said in detail.

    I wish you good luck! Intersection

  3. General Iron is still possible, as long as you let them raise your sensitivity a little bit. If it is not, there is a problem with the anti -theft device itself.

  4. The sensitivity of the vibration sensing is that the adjustment can be adjusted
    It you can let the boss adjust the sensitivity

  5. The anti -theft device is broken. My motorcycles are okay. A light motorcycles will call the police. If the sensitivity is high, it is raining. The alarm is fine. Your anti -theft device has a problem to find them. Find them.

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