What positions are there in the work of the bunch of the bangs?

What is the threshold for a newly graduated computer college student and what is the work content of each position. And what position I am suitable for, please understand the person in this line. Guiqiu!

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  1. It depends on where you are, and the business of various cities is very different.

    . For example, there are more antiques and paintings in Hangzhou, which requires talents with antique calligraphy and painting ability. There are many famous business in Shanghai, which requires talents with jewelry, precious metals, and watches. There are also more local stocks or more real estate business, which requires talents with relevant qualifications.

    The positions in the pawn bank include general manager, financial manager, accounting, asset appraiser/jewelry appraiser/motor vehicle appraiser, office personnel, secretary, salesman, security guard, etc. Suitable for you?

  2. I also graduated from computer major. I have worked in pawn.
    If you want to work in the pawnshill, at least you must be familiar with two laws and regulations, "Polible Management Measures" and "Guarantee Law". It is best to participate in the "Talent" training of the Local Different Bank Association.
    If it is relatively large, you must also be familiar with the "Company Law", and you also need to understand the process of corporate financing.
    It if you just go, you should do pre -loan information collection and right to handle. This is better for you to be familiar with the pawn process. After that, you can do pre -loan investigation and other work.

  3. The business of pawn banks is roughly divided into three aspects:
    1. Real estate mortgage business. To handle this business first requires the salesperson to have a certain understanding of the local new houses and second -hand houses; secondly, to understand the knowledge of the necessary laws and regulations (such as the "Pool Administrative Measures", "Property Law", "Guarantee Law, etc." You can download it online); again, learn and master the processing process of mortgage business (the company will give training after the business processing process is enrolled).
    2, civil product, vehicle pledge business. The civil product business has a slightly wide face, so it is generally required that the salesperson has a certain job experience. Vehicle pledge business is generally done by someone.
    3, securities pledge business. Since the state no longer allows the three parties to regulate, most of the pawn banks have not done it because the risk is too great.
    In from your situation, you can hire the salesman of the pawn bank. Although you do n’t have a job experience, as long as the company recognizes you and you are willing to work hard, you will be competent in the near future
    It, the current so -called "pawn teachers" training courses are all co -authored by the local pawn association with some pawns. Lecture test out to play for a total of seven days for a day. If you can't learn practical things, the certificate is not a state recognized. The tuition fees are generally ranging from 2000-4000 yuan.

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