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  1. Top ten brands of indoor waterproof coatings: 1. Kushun 2. King of Yu 3. Yijue 4. Zhuo Bao 5. Dayu 6. Hongyuan and so on.

    The indoor waterproof coatings Recommended Keshun Y300 full excellent elastic waterproof coatings. This product is a dual -component acrylic polymer cement base waterproof coating. The product construction is convenient, and the liquid and powder can be constructed after mixing with a certain proportion. Good product elasticity, high breakdown rate, high water resistance, waterproof coating film with high flexibility and high strength after coating, effectively anti -cracking. The product coating has good affinity for the concrete base surface and mortar base surface. After coating, it can form a close and firm overall combination with the base surface, thereby effectively preventing the penetration of the water, thereby achieving excellent waterproof effect.
    The advantages of the product are as follows:
    1. The coating is good, the fracture extension rate is high, which can resist the slight vibration and slight displacement of the building, effectively resisting the fracture;
    2. The internal agglomeration is good, and the intensity of the grassroots level is good;
    3. Good waterproof performance and excellent water resistance and alkali resistance;

    In the relevant information about the indoor waterproof coatings, and recommend consulting Koshun family waterproof. Kushun Family Waterproof is a brand owned by Koshun Holdings Co., Ltd. Cobun Minjian Co., Ltd., which is trustworthy. Cosun's strength is trustworthy. It has been elected as "the first choice of waterproof material brand for the top 500 real estate" for 10 consecutive years. At the same time, the products are even more trustworthy and choice. Multiple series of products have been upgraded. They have passed the US Green Guard, French A , and domestic ten -ring triple certification to respond to the national dual carbon policy. The team has a hundred -person R

  2. There are many years of waterproofing industry in the industry, and there are also a lot of waterproof coating brands. From the perspective of waterproof quality, price, service, etc., there are many good waterproof brands. The following is based on the latest market conditions. The top ten brands of indoor waterproof coatings. As follows:
    Top ten brands of indoor waterproof coatings
    1, Wuhan Debang Shijian Materials Co., Ltd. (Dubangshi Waterproof)
    Wuhan Debang Shijian Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 and has been committed to tiles The research and development and innovation of building auxiliary materials such as glue, waterproof coatings, beauty sewing, waterproof and leakage, etc., is an important institution for technological innovation and product research and development. Since the founding of Debon, it has insisted on winning the market with excellent quality and efficient services. It has always had a good reputation in the industry, and has achieved certain achievements in multiple fields such as waterproof coatings and tiles.
    2, Degao (Guangzhou) Building Materials Co., Ltd. (German waterproof)

    Degao (Guangzhou) Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. After more than 20 years of development, Germany China has become one of the leaders in the Chinese special mortar industry. It will adhere to the successful development experience of more than 20 years in China, bring the global advanced special mortar technology and service resources, and for China as China, and for China The special mortar industry and building decoration industry continue to contribute.
    3, Oriental Yuhong (Yuhong Waterproof)
    Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on waterproof coating products. Wait for the product. The tile adhesive brand occupies a certain position on the market.
    4, Shanghai Niuyuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (Niu Yuan waterproof)

    Shanghai Niuyuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized waterproof coating and tile gum manufacturer. BASF and Vak in Germany have established long -term depth of strategic partnerships. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in Shanghai Baosteel Economic Development Zone. The annual production capacity of waterproof coatings exceeds 300,000 tons and the annual production capacity of linear corner lines exceeds 50 million meters.
    5, Italian Mabe Group (Mabe Waterproof)

    In Mapei Group in Milan in 1937 The leading company in the world with some auxiliary products. MAPEI is also an expert in chemical products producing waterproof systems. It is also an expert in the production of mortar and cement mixture in concrete, including the repair of historical buildings.

    6, Xika China Co., Ltd. (Waterproof Waterproof)
    has a 50 -year history in Asia. Sika China is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Switzerland Sika Group in China. Sika first established Hong Kong Corporation (1958) in Greater China. With the continuous expansion of the company's business, offices have been established in Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai. The production and sales include a series of chemical building materials such as advanced polycarboxylic acid concrete exterior, PVC waterproof coil system, polyurethane sealant, various industrial floor materials, grouting materials, reinforcement and repair materials.
    7, Wuhan Kaids State Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. The important institution of the agent has insisted on the company's core with excellent quality and efficient services. It is a high -tech enterprise that integrates the construction, manufacturing, sales, technical services and waterproof engineering construction of waterproof materials for construction.
    8, Koshun Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. (Koshun Waterproof)
    Ke Shishun Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. has grown up to provide comprehensive waterproof solutions as its main business after more than 20 years The business sector of construction materials and civil building materials is integrated, and the business scope covers comprehensive building materials companies at home and abroad.
    9. Shenzhen Zhuobao Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhuo Bao Waterproof)
    Shenzhen Zhuobao Technology Co., Ltd. is the vice chairman unit of the China Architectural Waterproof Association and a member of the presidium. Enterprise, China's leading brand of waterproofing industry, China's Fortune 500 enterprises, and China's Fortune 500 real estate developers preferred supplier brands. The first to propose the theory of "skin" waterproof system, solving the problem of long -term trouble in the industry.
    10, Jiabaoli Chemical Group was founded in 1999. It is a modern high -tech enterprise group that integrates coatings research and development, production, and sales. Co., Ltd., Sichuan Jiabaoli Coatings Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiabaoli Coatings Co., Ltd., Guangdong Nature Coating Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Zhenggao Hardware Plastic Accessories Co., Ltd. and other companies.

  3. The top ten brands of indoor waterproof coatings include: 1. Degao (Guangzhou) Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Degao Waterproof) Degao (Guangzhou) Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned dry mortar leading company-French Parex Group's wholly-owned enterprise designed in China Essence Entering China for more than 20 years, relying on innovative technology, reliable quality and intimate services, German waterproof, tile glue, putty, gap, technical mortar, ingenious craftsman tools, Xikami sealing and other products have won the trust of the majority of users. Word of mouth products. 2. Changsha Gulai Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Gulai Waterproof) Gulai Building Materials has been engaged in the building materials industry for many years. It has been focusing on product development and production. In order to enable customers to have a better product experience, it has been continuously developed and updated. Subsidies. The company's marketing network is spread across the country. It has established several major channels such as home improvement retail, decoration companies, and engineering. The three -dimensional marketing model has been established. Wait for multiple countries and regions. 3. Shanghai Yuegang Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Yuegang Waterproof) Shanghai Yuegang Building Materials is a company that focuses on waterproof coatings. Among them, the company's development and production products also include gum and tile glue series products. In the production team, the company has been working hard, learning and improvement to show better products. 4. Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Co., Ltd. (Yuhong Waterproof) Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly pushes waterproof coating products. After slowly developing, the company's products are also increasing waterproof coatings, tile adhesives, and tile adhesives. Wait for the product. Yuhong waterproof has a certain influence across the country. At present, Yuhong's agents have spread all over the country. 5. Guangzhou Tiber Bel Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Tiberbeel Waterproof) Guangzhou Tiberbel Building Materials Company, a large -scale enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of dried powder mortar for new environmental waterproof materials and environmentally friendly tile adhesives and dry powder mortar Essence Introduce advanced automated production lines and manufacturing, experiments and testing equipment, and comprehensively implement advanced ERP system management, realize the automation and standardization of the production control system, and comprehensively ensure high starting points and high -quality production. 6. Hunan Xiluo Cafe Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Waterproof Waterproof) Hunan Silo Cater Tile Backing Company is located in Changsha, Hunan. It is an emerging company specializing in waterproof building materials. After a period of precipitation, the company has also developed other other. Products, such as tile back glue, tile glue, and leakage series. With the continuous development of the company, more and more people know, and professionals from all walks of life have given praise. 7. Shanghai Niuyuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (Niu Yuan Waterproof) Niu Yuan is a modern building materials waterproof enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and construction specialty engaged in waterproof coatings and tile supporting series products. The headquarters and R

  4. Although the amount of waterproof coatings is not large, it is still very large. Everyone knows that waterproof treatment is a "hidden project" in the decoration. Its effect must be presented through a long period of use. So it is critical to choose a good waterproof coating, so what are the top ten brands of waterproof coatings? 1. Yuhong YUHONG national high -tech enterprise, listed company, Beijing famous brand, Beijing famous trademark, Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. 2. The top ten brands of waterproof materials for waterproof materials, Asia's largest waterproof material production base 1. Participate in the writing of relevant industry standards, Panjinyu King Waterproof Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. 3. Yilande ELOK home improvement and waterproof industry leader, top ten waterproof coating brands, high -tech enterprises, large -scale waterproof materials providers, Guangdong Kesun Chemical Industry Industrial Co., Ltd. 4. Zhuo Bao's famous trademark, leading building waterproof material supplier, environmental logo products, national high -tech enterprises, Shenzhen Zhuobao Technology Co., Ltd. , Liaoning Province High -tech Enterprise, large modern waterproof material enterprise, Liaoning Dayu Waterproof Technology Development Co., Ltd. 6. Hongyuan Shandong Province Famous Brand Products, Shandong High -tech Enterprise, One of the influential brands in the waterproof material industry, Weifang City Hong Source Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd. 7.Sika Xika originated from 1910 Switzerland, world -renowned brand, the world's leading professional construction chemical product company, global comprehensive company, Xika (China) Co., Ltd. Trademarks, famous brand products in Hebei Province, national high -tech enterprise, waterproof coil industry standard revision unit, Tangshan De Sheng waterproof shares Co., Ltd. 9. Karen Suzhou brand -name products, national high -tech enterprises, domestic leading construction waterproof materials production Business and service providers, Jiangsu Kelun Building Materials Co., Ltd. 10. Golden Umbrella National High -tech Enterprise, specializing in the research and development and production of concrete building sealing and waterproof technology products. , They are all cost -effective, so you can consider choosing these brands when choosing. Friendly reminder here: roof waterproof and basement waterproof, different materiality, and the waterproof and waterproof of the baths are more different. The complex roofs and metal plates of the metal plate are also different, and they should be carefully selected.

  5. The top ten brands of indoor waterproof coatings include Hongyan art paint, oriental rainhong waterproof coatings, waterproof coatings, high waterproof coatings, Hongyuan waterproof coatings, etc. Layer series. This product is anti -mildew and antibacterial, green and environmentally friendly, diverse effects, diversified styles, high hardness, super strong scrubbing, which can reach more than 10,000 times. The shaping layer is an elegant and noble water -based environmentally friendly art paint.

    The advantages of Hongyan art paint are:
    1. Healthy environmental protection: Hongyan art water paint some products use imported raw materials, which continuously develops Hongyan art with environmental protection functions and conforms to the concept of green consumption concepts New products of water paint, and fully meet the high standards and new requirements put forward by consumers with more professional and personalized products.
    2, unique color: Hongyan art paint has multiple color series, rich in color, can create a dynamic space like makeup, mysterious, and elegant dynamic space. Depending on the product matching, construction methods, color configuration, and lighting, the change becomes colorful, like the effectiveness of color murals.
    3. Quality is guaranteed: "Hongyan Art Water paint" is equipped with a professional art paint research and development team with fifteen years of scientific research and production experience. A new product is developed every six months to continuously provide technology to improve the quality of product quality In support, Hongyan Art Coatings Hongyan Art Coatings strictly control the quality, and the products have been certified by strict French A , Ten Ring, and ISO9001.

    wants to learn more about waterproof coatings, and recommend consulting Hongyan art paint. Hongyan art coatings have been specialized in the art paint for 15 years. Introduce advanced foreign technology to solve different batches of products, produce problems such as color difference and consistent viscosity, and each batch of products is sampled to ensure the quality of the product passing through the level Essence At the same time, the production and distribution workshop ensure the stability of the supply and goods period, and the reputation is trustworthy.

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