What does IP68 mean in LED underwater light?

LED underwater lamp, listen to the name we can understand, this is used in the water lamp, the performance must be waterproof function, on the back of the lamp, we can frequently see such a string of words - waterproof level: IP68.

Expert friends see the same will understand what it means, but layman friends have a lot of face Meng force, what is IP68? What do 6 and 8 stand for? China ip68 led strip manufacturer
I'll make it clear to you once and for all today.

What is IP?

IP is short for Ingress Protection, which translates to protection level. It refers to the ability of electrical equipment to prevent foreign body intrusion. This standard was adopted as the national standard of the United States in 2004.

What does the first number 6 mean?

The larger the number, the stronger the dust-proof function. 6 is the best layer to prevent the invasion of foreign objects and dust.

What does the second number 8 mean?

The higher the number, the better the waterproofing ability. This number is particularly critical for LED underwater lamps. Waterproof level 7 can prevent water intrusion, but only for a period of time, while waterproof level 8 can prevent water intrusion indefinitely. Underwater lights also have IP67, we should pay extra attention when choosing.

LED pool lights. I believe we are not too strange. Generally, we can see from the fountain landscape, high-end swimming pool and other places. Many people will buy to decorate their own home swimming pool.

When buying a swimming pool, we will see that there are numerous certifications for lamps, such as CE, RoHS, IP68 certification and so on. We only know that these certificates are awesome, but what do they represent? In fact, we are not clear. Today I will tell you about the certificate on the LED pool light, what it means.

CE is a kind of security certification to be sold in CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE, which means European unity in English. It is regarded as the passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. ​Numerous foreign trade companies of large brands of LED pool lights have this certification, which is regarded as the "passport" for manufacturers to enter the European market.

RoHS is a mandatory standard formulated by European Union legislation.

Having this certificate is equivalent to the product quality has been trusted by the majority of European Union consumers, has a strong reputation. For enterprises, ROHS test certificate is like product advertising.

IP is short for Ingress Protection, the first number 6 refers to the dust protection. There are six layers, 6 is the dust protection.​

Is 6, can totally prevent the dust into the lamp, 8 refers to the waterproof effect, the lamp soaked in water for a long time, there will be no water immersion.

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