Cristiano Ronaldo does not realize his age and still wants to play every game

Although Cristiano Ronaldo has embarked on a new career with Riyadh Victory, discussions are continuing over his involvement with Manchester United. As a superstar player who grew up in Manchester United, Ronaldo has faced a lot of doubts since returning to the club, especially this season, after the arrival of Tennach, a year older Ronaldo's career in the Red Devils.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News about Cristiano Ronaldo, Cantona said: "There are two types of players who want to play until they are 40. The first type is those who want to play every game and feel they are still 25. Top Predictors .The second group is people who want to help the young players, who realize that they can't play like they did when they were 25, but they will play part of the game to help the young players.

Speaking on the subject, Cantona also said that players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ryan Giggs and Paolo Maldini can help young people in a team, but not Cristiano Ronaldo, who does not realize this and will not be happy if he only plays part of the game. I think we have to accept that, not just football, but all the time.

It has to be said that Cantona's remarks are more pertinent. At 37, Ronaldo, while still good at jumping and shooting, is not as physical as he used to be, which is a key factor in the fast-paced English Premier League, so Ronaldo must be aware of his physical condition, change his mentality and try to adapt to the new role. It could have been a better result with Manchester United, but the way it has turned out, the way Cristiano Ronaldo left, is not very decent.

Now, of course, it's all over, Manchester United is still Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo is still Cristiano Ronaldo. The victory in Riyadh opened a new chapter, and I believe Cristiano Ronaldo can also get more caps here! No one is perfect, and Ronaldo, who is so strict with himself, would like to continue to play on the green field. I believe Riyadh's victorious coach Rudi Garcia will also give Ronaldo the satisfaction of playing in every game he can.

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