Heat it for three minutes, warm it for five hours! Have you ever seen such a hand warmer?

Say in front

On cold winter days, when the weather outside approaches 0 degrees or below, hand warmer items are essential. I deeply understand the cold winter weather, I will sum up the way I often use to warm hands!

1. Warm pack - one of the most common ways to warm hands, one can last for a very long time about, very convenient! A price of about 7 cents to 1 yuan, although the price is not attractive, but used for a long time will find that is actually a big burden, and the warm pack is not environmentally friendly fact is actually very well known...

2. Electric hand warmer treasure - small size, easy to carry, charging can be used! But the average duration of heating is about 4 hours, the charging time is not less than the usable time, suitable for short-term use but not suitable for continuous use, imagine going out in the middle of the sudden no electricity, hands that cold feeling, um... You know it when you experience it.

So, Appropriateness has developed such a "microwave hand warmer"! It only needs to use the microwave oven for 3 minutes (higher power can be as low as 2.5 minutes), even if the weather is very cold, it can guarantee 5~6 hours of use, and the constant temperature is 55 degrees, which is very suitable for holding the temperature, well, no more nonsense, quickly enter the evaluation, see how this product!!

Simple Unpacking & Appearance introduction

Take a look at the packaging of this microwave hand warmer

First of all, its packaging uses the common product packaging on the market, the box lid printed with the name and picture of the electric hand warmer treasure, to the box for packaging material! Personally, although it has no special novelty in terms of material and design, its packaging design is very simple and the color is also very harmonious, so that I will not have too much excitement at the first sight of the packaging, but a lot of peace of mind and warmth!

From the name of the product can be seen, "small warm 2" is an improved second generation of products, Xiaobian to search the Internet, found that the second generation of products although not and the first generation of too much, but the details have changed a lot, such as packaging/product appearance and so on, interested people can go to the Internet search to see detailed information, not to say ~

From the side of the box, you can see that although you know it's a hand warmer, the whole package is not very thick, so it doesn't feel heavy. It's a lightweight package!

The general information of the hand warmer is written on the side corner of the box. The size of the package is 24x15x5cm, and the weight is only 500g. Looking at this side, you can generally see the lightness of this hand warmer, rather than my stereotype of "it must be big and heavy".

On the back of the package is written the principle, construction and basic use of the small warm, the operation steps are simple to understand, but also attached to the microwave oven power corresponding to the suggested microwave heating schedule, so clear instructions let me not worry about not using!!

Unwrapped, the hand warmer was tightly wrapped in foam from all sides, with no signs of collision or damage inside. Although it comes with three warm cloth covers, there are no spare parts in the box except the usage instructions and product qualification certificate. In fact, this hand warmer only needs microwave heating to be used, so there is no point in attaching spare parts!

There is no too much decoration on the front of the hand warmer. The white appearance and the red decoration ring in the middle make the hand warmer look very warm, and the appearance level has been improved a lot. Its volume is not very big and can be picked up with one hand. As you can see from the picture below, it will not fall off even with one hand supporting it!!

It is small and light, even if only one hand holding one side can also easily hold, the size is also good design, not because of too big and inconvenient, nor because of too small and not warm hands

As you can see, the hand warmer adopts the curved design, which fits the curve of the body. Compared with the straight design, such curvature makes the use of it much more convenient. The use experience will be shown below.

Use experience

This hand warmer only needs to be heated in the microwave for 3 minutes and can last for more than 5 hours. The high power microwave oven can also finish heating faster, which is equivalent to heating in the morning can last until noon. It is very practical!

What is 700W power? Xiaobian specially to check the Internet, Taobao search "microwave oven" the highest sales of this microwave oven average price is less than 300 yuan, power has reached 700W, only need 3 minutes to reach the specified heating time, such a popular microwave does not have to worry about the specification!!

Delivery also comes with 3 hand warming sheath, the following respectively to introduce them!

The first is a pink warm glove, which is described as "standard" on the official website. To use the warm glove with him, you need to put the warm glove in the front of the sandwich, and then put your hand into the opening at the back to warm your hand. Although the design is great, the hand warming effect is also good, but because the opening is a little tight, resulting in some inconvenient installation after heating!

The second is the "durable", although whether it really become durable I'm not sure, but I can guarantee that it is a lot more comfortable, because the zipper makes it and the previous one without zipper is much easier to use than the previous one unzipper is also much better, very good, very comfortable to use!

The third is a belt, I think it is a good choice to use with the belly, after all, the hand warmer treasure itself has a curved design, with the belly to fit the body use just right, really good to use it, do not put the use of photos, very good!

Borrow the test chart of hand warming effect on the official website, you can see that the thermal insulation effect of small warm is very lasting, even if the weather is very cold, it can still last for about 5 hours. After heating, you can lie on the sofa and watch TV, and it is still warm without getting up for half a day!


All in all, this microwave hand warmer that only takes 3 minutes to heat up for 5 hours is a great experience. I would recommend it to office workers who need to spend a lot of time in their seats. It only needs to microwave heating and does not need to plug in can heat for a long time characteristics not only let his safety to improve a lot, of course, convenience is also very good, less than 100 yuan price is to enhance a lot of its attraction!!

I would recommend the "durable" model, which is really much better to use than the other two models, not only a lot of volume, the zipper is very convenient

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