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  1. wholesale christian jewelry and gifts "Out of Control Player" has been released for several days. It is said that it is not bad, but unfortunately, I did n’t have time to go to the county to see it in the township. I can only review the “Top Player” directed by Speberg in 2018. By the way Let's talk about this movie.

    The introduction

    "Number Player" story background occurred in 2045. In this chaotic and collapsed world, virtual reality technology has penetrated into every corner of human life Essence The science and technology ghost Cai Hali diligently created a game universe named "Oasis". People only need to put on VR glasses, and they can enter the game with simple equipment cooperation, becoming a member of the virtual world. In the game, imagination dominates everything. You can go anywhere and do anything you want to do to become anyone who wants to be. Many people bet on all the time and energy in this illusory game. Before Harrydi ended, he announced that he had set up three puzzles in the game, and there was a hidden egg. The first person to find this egg egg was Can be the heir of the oasis. If you want to find this egg, you must first lift the puzzle to get three keys first, and the clues to find the key are hidden in Harrydi's past memory, which has caused a competition of a global netizens.

    Wade, Ai, Dadong, and Xiu were friends in the game. Together with Artemis who met later, five people set foot on the journey to find eggs. When Wade became the first player to solve the first puzzle, he and his friends inevitably were involved in this adventure and dangerous treasure hunting journey. Finally, in order to save the oasis and the world, it was to fight the IOI company. The big capitalist, so Wade launched invitations to the world's netizens to participate in the fight ...

    "Number Player" film appeared in the film, animation, games, music, and also Many of the characters in it are classic characters in recent years, such as King Kong, Gundam, Clown Girl, Ghost Baby, Superman ... There are also many eggs to dig, but these are not the reason why I like this movie. Essence The quality of the works directed by Spielberg is basically a relatively stable level. The art film, and business science fiction movies like "E.T" and "Number Player" are also type films he is good at. In addition to the fascinating narrative text and wonderful visual images, "Number Player" mainly has a deep connotation of the core value of the story.

    Spielberg, 72, talked about the creation of "Number Player" in an interview with reporters: "I don't deny that I am a strange fetus, and I am even proud of becoming a weird. Compared to the young one, I am young. Heroes, I think I am more like Harry Di. Like him, I like to give different characters' lives and pull the audience to play with me. I have never imagined to create a crazy movie like "Top Player" . "

    Spirberg uses" crazy "to describe this movie, the main line of the movie -Wade, a young man who is a bit" lost "in the virtual world to find clues, not only in the end Become the heir of the "Oasis" and become the hero of the "Oasis". This is not like a general science fiction movie. It looks like a bloody teenage science fiction movie. Struggling in the virtual world, it has gained everything in reality. It seems crazy, but it is fun.

    The hero mode settings in "Number Player", although the old set is old, but Hollywood is still using

    . In a sense, the myth of the heroic adventure is a sense, which is a game. Relevant adventure to gain self -confidence and self -worth.

    (1) Call of adventure

    1. Almost all the hero protagonists have the pain of death.

    In "Number Players", Wade's parents died when he was a child. Later, Aunt Alice, who was adopted for many years, was also killed by the villain. Without shelter, Wade was forced to enter the danger. In the field, the rhythm of the movie is to promote the plot and attract the audience to enter the play quickly.

    2. Heroes want to grow up, always experience and even make mistakes.

    Wade did not follow the rules of the game of virtual communities. He accidentally told his real name and caused his aunt to be killed. When he realized this lesson, Wade really grew up.

    (2) The help of others

    In "Number Player", Wade gave Wade a "adding a life" game coin Harrydi Archives The curator, the foreshadowing in the front of the movie, when the following plot appeared, was a small climax.

    (3) Heroes must adventure

    "Number Player" The entire movie is around the three keys, so that Wade and his lover and friends are trapped. Dohaies, experienced suffering, and pushing the story to a climax.

    (4) Return of hero

    Heroes' adventure: Return

    "Number Player", facing Nolan's crazy tracking, in exchange for in exchange In the game time and customs clearance information, the Word team used to solve the dilemma in order to complete the final game victory.

    The mode in this way can basically apply every so -called hero movie, but only people with a framework are not enough, and they need to pay attention to the soul for this movie. "Number Player" impressed me. One was to unlock the core significance of solving the three keys. The other was the sentence that Harry Di in the virtual world said. Thank you for playing with me.

    How to solve these three keys is the main line of "Number Player" and the core of the soul of the entire movie. Thinking back to the three keys in the film, the three philosophy of life that Harry Di did not realize after his life. I personally think that if only from the perspective Own.

    The first key: When others rush forward blindly, why not go back and return to their original intention.

    In life, people always hurried forward, but sometimes, look at it may get greater inspiration

    The first life hurried, let go of concerns, follow the original heart, and confess to the person who loves.

    obviously the most romantic occasion, but the person who likes it is surrounded by dense zombies. At first, I did not understand this plot. After careful consideration, these zombies can be said to represent ha. Lidi's regret can also be the obstacle of his courage to take that step. Just as the heroine Samantha's analysis of Harrydi's heart: "Harrydi is most afraid of 'flashing', not a book or movie, what he is most afraid of is to kiss a girl." He wants himself to want himself Being able to defeat this fear, rescue the beloved girl from the "zombie" and dance a sweet dance with her.

    The third key to put down the purpose and enjoy the process.

    The male lead Wade is not like the villain's team lined up to play a mini -game level. Every time the last level is always lost, it can easily pass the level. That's because at this time He has clearly understood the purpose of Halidi's design of the game. The real purpose of this game is not a blind clearance, but to experience the game itself and process.

    . Finally, "reality" is the egg left by Halidi to the world and all gamers. Harrydi, who lives in the game all his life, still returns to reality at the last moment. He is at this virtual. The world bid farewell to Wade, leaving the expectations of the future and the acceptance of reality.

    The original intention of Harrydi has never changed. After he created the "Oasis" world for himself in his life, he found that nothing attracted himself than reality. No matter how exciting and exciting the virtual world, it is meaningful to return to reality in the end. As the film finally said to Wade: "Although the reality is terrible and painful, it is also the only thing that can meals a meal. Because the reality is real."

    "Player" shows the difference between this real world and the unreal world from the perspective of Wade, and the ideals have not changed. Ugly will eventually disappear. Although the real life is not satisfactory, the ending of the film finally gives us a reunion for us reunion. Even if we are facing a bad life, we are confused about the future, and sometimes we want to escape the reality, but we always find new faith in confrontation with ourselves again and again, so as to do it without fear of reality oppression. There is a correct path, after all, in the real world full of hope, sometimes it doesn't look so bad.

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