5 thoughts on “Under what circumstances is suitable for the bottom? When is the best time to copy?”

  1. Introduction: The reason for making money in stocks is very simple, so if you buy at a low price at a low price, if you can buy the minimum value of the stock price, you will have benefits as long as there is a rise in the stock price. This idea has attracted a lot People, and this behavior is also called the bottom, so what is the best time for the bottom to copy the bottom?
    . The best timing of the best time to copy the bottom is actually related to the expectations of the stock price in the future. It is that the stock price has always been in a decline in the stock market, and it has been a period of time. At this time, it is very suitable for the bottom, because as people predict, there will be more and more people buy this stock. Enter, as people's transaction volume increases, the stock price will rise. If you buy it now, you can get the best guarantee, and then get the maximum return.
    . The biggest difficulty of from copying to the bottom of the bottom but the bottom of the bottom is because the timing you buy is located on the way to the decline of the stock, or it is already on the turn of the stock price. If you are still on the road, then buy it yourself yourself After that, this stock price will continue to fall to a situation that it is unimaginable, but if it is at the inflection point, then the stock price will rise after actively buying it. Originally, I wanted to copy the bottom, but the result was stuck by this stock, the more losing money.
    . Don't be too entangled with the bottom of the bottom, even if it is a veteran in the stock market, he cannot guarantee that he can buy it at the lowest value of the stock price. It is good to be too entangled with the whole momentum of the bottom of the skeleton, but when there is a decline, you can use the method of value investment to analyze the stock, so that it will get more comprehensive results.

  2. 1. The stock price suddenly appears rapidly

    If a stock has been falling in a shade for a long time, and the amount of shrinking reaches the relatively bottom area, but the transaction volume is magnified during the decline. At this time, it is good. The timing of entering shows that the chance of rising in the future will increase.

    2, when the stock price goes at low

    . When the stock continues to fall for a long time, it suddenly falls rapidly, and then the transaction volume is amplified at this time is a good opportunity to enter the market.

    3. Based on the common moving average

    The on the 5th, 10th, and 30th moving average. Some people will use the 20 -day moving average. When you go out of the rebound, you can look at the location of the three moving average. If the trend of the three moving average gradually forms the same consistency until the bonding forms the golden fork, it means that the market market rises is strong.

  3. When stocks start to fall, it is very suitable for bottoming. At this time, the bottom copy can protect your interests. When the price of the stock falls, it will definitely rise, which is the best time. Prevents being stuck.

  4. It is when the market is relatively good, and then the price of this stock is relatively low, and then there is a trend of upward. At this time, you can choose a lot of buying.

  5. It is found that this stock still has room for rise, so that you can choose to copy the bottom. You must use the lowest price at the lowest stock, so that you can buy low and sell at low.

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