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  1. Speaking of Q coins, because they can exchange game coupons, it must be a lot of players who like to play Tencent games, and they prefer virtual products. At the same time, there will be many gamers in recharge, which is more accustomed to buying in Alipay's recharge center. However, sometimes in the recharge demand of Q coins, players may require players to customize recharge. How can it be achieved on Alipay?
    In fact, for users who often use the Alipay app to buy Q coins, it must be clearly recharged on Alipay. At least 5Q coins are required! As a user, there may be some Q coins in your QQ number. When you buy Q coins again, you need to consider the existing Q coins in the number. Or, when buying some virtual props, there are not many Q coins!

    . If it is only convenient to use Alipay to recharge Q coins, in the way to solve Alipay custom recharge Q coins, Xiaobian recommends that users can open the "Taobao" or "Tmall" app, and then then Search for Q coins according to your needs. After the search results are loaded, choose a cheaper and reasonable merchant for the sale price of Q coins, and enter for recharge and purchase.
    Q coins are a virtual product. When playing games, there will be more recharge Q coins. Although it will not cause any losses to the user in the QQ number, if the number of Q coins is large and there are other needs, the Q coins that have been recharged can be on the Qiqi Qi -coin recovery platform. Sailor. As a user selling Q coins, you can use QQ, WeChat, and Alipay on this platform to collect money. It is a solution to recover too much for recharge Q coins.

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