3 thoughts on “Excuse me, what country's coins are”

  1. Peru's Liberty Goddess Silver Coin,
    is a free goddess sitting statue wearing a free soft hat on the head, supporting the "face of the sun" in his right hand, holding a free stick in the left hand, sitting like a low cylinder in front, wrapped in the silk belt, The silk belt published "libertad" (freedom), and the surrounding ring is written "" (for unity and strength and happiness).
    The other side of the center cast a shield emblem, the shield emblem is divided into three grids, the upper two grids are the livers (national beasts), the right is the golden chicken tree (national tree). Flower horn and a bunch of gold coins, the flower ring of sunflower (sun flower) is placed on the shield. On both sides of the shield are the lush ribbons ligated,
    The self -reliance is "the country of the sun", which is called "sun flower", and the Peruvians even call the currency "solar currency".

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