5 thoughts on “Is it good to be a stock or a future?”

  1. The futures correspond to the spot and are derived from spot. Futures are not goods, usually referring to standardized contracts based on certain commodities or financial assets as targets. Stocks are the ownership certificates issued by the joint -stock company. It is a securities securities issued to various shareholders as a shareholding voucher and obtaining dividends and dividends to raise funds to raise funds. Each shares represent the ownership of the shareholders to the enterprise. There is a listed company behind each stock. At the same time, each listed company will issue shares.

  2. Personally, it is better to make stocks as good as futures!
    First of all, making futures is not like investing in the stock market with a lot of funds, and it can achieve a small size. Finally, let me have been doing stocks for more than ten years, and then turn to futures. It is really easier to make money than stocks, and make money and earn faster. For more than 10,000, stocks are simply impossible. By the way, there is also the most important point that you don't worry too much about you do n’t know how to make futures. In fact, there are many similarities to make stocks and futures. You should easily learn. If you really don’t understand, you don’t understand Let ’s go to see the futures of futures account opening winners. You can make a lot of money in the investment market.
    The landlord, decisively do futures!

  3. Indeed, it is much better than stock stocks now.
    We look at a futures blog "Futures Account Opening Winning League". There is a reference of real trading in the blog post. I personally feel that this blog is not bad. I believe you will be interested in the specific address. After you really start making futures, you will definitely feel that this futures are too useful, absolutely.
    Surged stocks before, which was a miserable. Later, my friend introduced me to engage in futures. I found that it is very suitable for me to make futures. This is what I have experienced in person. I hope you will not step into my post -dust anymore, and find one that suits you. Essence Essence Essence
    I wish you good luck. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

  4. If you are suitable for you, it is good to stabilize profitability. It depends on personal ability and operational level. However, in the current market, it is certain that it is good to operate in time, and the opportunities for stocks are not easy to grasp.

  5. The same is not good. If you haven't done it yet, it is recommended not to do it. Each one has risks. If you have a larger stock, the risk is greater.

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