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  1. These methods can be tried. 1. JD shopping is similar to credit card support, increasing consumption efforts and reflecting higher consumption needs, but repayment on time. The platform will also comprehensively evaluate your appropriate increase in your quota. 2. Improve the information through the various data of Xiaobai credit and white bars, the better the better, but it must be real. It is also very helpful to the amount. 3. Save the funds into the small vault with the flash charging amount. You can increase the amount of white bars at 1: 1, and the principle of the amount of Huayao increases with the remaining earl. After the promotion, the money deposited is locked and can be taken back.
    [Extended information] 1. In the true identity of JD.com, there is a difference between JD.com and virtual credit cards. After all, the credit card issuer has neither the right to dispose of the goods purchased by consumers. The essence is consumer finance. But Jingdong Bai strip is different from it. Consumers are shopping in Jingdong Mall. JD.com has ownership and disposal rights for the goods itself. They can choose to provide installment repayment or 30 -day repayment. It is actually an account receivable, and the seller has the right to choose to pay with 30 days in the evening. This is his right. "Sun Tianchi, the Financial Law Research Center of Peking University, also said that although 1.0 white bars did not provide financial loans, it did not mean that it had reason to get out of supervision; in the case of White Strip 2.0 You only need to make a white bar with the cashier to take the goods directly from the shop. At this time, the white bar obtains a instantaneous account receivable request, that is, consumers should pay the cashier platform. The right to receive accounts receivable; the white bar in the 3.0 era has been separated from the Jingdong platform environment, but as an independent consumer credit product directly accessing various consumption scenarios such as tourism and decoration. There is no major risk in the past two years. Whether it is white or black, the wild cat has caught a lot of mice. In the face of white strips, you should adhere to an open and inclusive attitude. From the perspective of the nature of the transaction structure and the protection of financial consumer rights, the healthy development of new consumer financial products such as standardized and guiding white bars. Huaming, an analyst of the credit card group of Yin rate financial research center, also pointed out that the reason why banks will stop credit cards also In addition to the consideration of risk protection, the impact of Internet finance on traditional banks is also one of the reasons.
    . According to the statistics of the referee document network, there have been more than 200 people so far because of the use of "Jingdong White Bar" fraud. The 107 defendants disclosed by the judgment were 28 years old. The average of 28 years of age. Among the JD bars fraud in Changsha City, the defendant's defendant accounted for nearly half. The average sentence is 2.35 years. In addition, the number of college students mentioned in the judgment exceeds 362, becoming a more conspicuous group among the victims.

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