1 thought on “What should I do if they are deceived by acquaintances like Vihua Digital Currency MLM”

  1. Whether it is MLM or fraud, it is illegal and criminal, and it is recommended to call the police.
    If the other party fraudulent public and private property by pyramid scheme, it is suspected of fraud and shall bear criminal liability. , Detention or regulation, and placed or single fines. If there is a huge amount or other serious circumstances, it will be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years, and a fine. If the amount is particularly huge or other special circumstances, it will be sentenced to more than ten years in prison or life imprisonment, and fined or confiscated property. MLM is a ban on society, which is very harmful to society and is easy to socially contradictions. The public security organs are responsible for public security management of society, can enforce enforcement, safe, and maintain social stability. Regarding MLM laws and regulations on MLM laws and regulations. The "Prohibition of MLM" is a document approved by the State Council's executive meeting.
    The issuance of the "Prohibition of MLM Regulations" is to maintain the order of socialist market economy. According to the amendments to the Criminal Law Amendment 7) Article 224 of the Criminal Law. Organize the name of the business activities such as selling goods and providing services, and require participants to obtain qualifications in the methods of paying fees or purchasing products, services, etc., and form a level in accordance with a certain order. Rebate basis

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