The detailed practice of the histogram?

The detailed approach of the histogram, including the meaning of each parameter in it, the full English name, how to calculate, please give it an example, thank you.
It a clear mirror, if it is for points, it is recommended that you still do not waste valuable time.

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  1. Histogram (Histogram) is also called column -shaped diagram, which is a statistical report diagram that represents the distribution of data distribution by a series of high vertical stripes.

    Hy assumes that we have a bunch of coins, as shown in the figure below, we want to know how much money is.

    I only the number of land one by one, but if there are more coins, we may be messy, so we need to classify the coins first, and then count the number of each coin separately.

    The icon of the results of the statistics became a histogram. The horizontal axis in the figure below indicates the surface of coins, and the number of coins (Number of Coins) is marked vertically.

    The histogram of the image

    The ash map is used as an example. 8 gray, 0 represents black, 7 represents white, and other numbers represent the grayness of different depths between 0 ~ 7.

    The results of the statistics are as follows. The horizontal axis indicates the gray level (0 ~ 7), and the vertical axis indicates the number of each gray.

    Photoshop (PS).

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