2 thoughts on “What to do if the main and away are one to one”

  1. 1. If it is a group stage, of course, look at the points first!
    If the points are the same, then look at the net victory first. For example: This year's UEFA Champions League E6 Rome 0-2 Manchester City. Before the game, Rome and Manchester City made 5 points. Assuming this Rome 1: 1 Manchester City, then Rome and Manchester City have 6 points, and Rome and Manchester City's main away scores are 1-1. Then it depends on the net victory ball-Rome = 4 0-6-2 0 0 = -4, Manchester City = -1 0 0-1 1-0 = 1, Manchester City front.
    2. If it is a knockout, then the time game is not available.
    3. If it is a league cup, no matter how many draws are played in the second round, it will be over time. If the first round is 1-1, the second round is 0-0, and the overtime is 1-1, then the second round of the visiting team is promoted.
    4, group stage, if you look at the red and yellow cards the same, you can't throw a coin or a neutral venue to re -race (allowing overtime/penalty).

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