3 thoughts on “How is the "Calculating Robot" in the WeChat red envelope group operated?”

  1. I. How to use WeChat calculation and reporting robot software:
    Plash after decompression, double -click "Five Lake Weiqun Robot".
    This can be logged in with a WeChat scanning code. The software display can be used online. Please make sure the software status is online. If you are offline, please log in until online.
    . The function is divided into 2 large blocks
    The WeChat group related functions (to √ the corresponding function, you can open the WeChat group to automatically reply to the relevant functions).
    The automatic response, opening the group welcome words, specified content reply in the group, and specified keyword reply in the group.
    WeChat friends related functions (to √ at the corresponding features, you can turn on WeChat friends to automatically reply to related functions).
    . Download and run
    In the link to download Wuhu WeChat robot. If you prompt Baidu network disk upgrade, please refresh it.
    Is run the program, download it with a computer, decompress, open the software, and use the mobile phone WeChat to scan the QR code successfully, the WeChat signal of the code becomes a robot, you can automatically chat with friends or members in the group. Note: Do not use the robot's WeChat to send messages. You must chat with the robot with other WeChat signals.
    . Use techniques
    C computer robots must keep opening.
    In logging in the robot number, you cannot log in to the web WeChat or computer version of WeChat at the same time, otherwise the WeChat robot will be offline

  2. The computer forcibly shutdown is divided into two cases: one is to press the power button for 4 seconds, the shutdown, the other is a sudden power outage or suddenly unplugged the computer power plug, and the computer is turned off. First, hold down the power button for 4 seconds and hold down the power button for 4 seconds to turn off. In fact, the same as shutting down in the system, it will not directly power off. There will be a process of running to turn off the computer. Shipping at the same time does not cause damage to the computer hard disk. 2. Sudden power outages or unplugged computer power plugs 1. Mechanical hard disks Due to the physical structure of mechanical hard disks, after detecting the power failure. The rotation force and the elasticity of the spinning of the plate in the high -speed rotation will automatically return the magnetic head without being damaged by the plate to cause the plate. 2. When the solid -state hard drive solid -state hard disk will cause the read and write data to be lost and the content error will cause the read and write data. In order to avoid this situation, ordinary manufacturers will write the power -off protection process in the hard disk firmware. Summary: When the computer is crashing, you can use the installation of the power button for 4 seconds for forcibly shut down. However, a system failure may occur. Generally, the F8 key is pressed to perform the "last correct configuration" of the computer system to complete the system repair. However, forcibly power off manually may still cause damage to the hard disk. It is recommended that you still develop good shutdown habits.

  3. You can solve it on the official website. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Open the browser on the computer interface, search for the official website of the Apple mobile phone on the search interface, and then click to enter 2. There is a drag bar on the right side of the Apple mobile phone official website to the bottom Essence Click on the option bar to manage your Apple ID 3. Click the "Forgot Apple ID or Password" below at the interface that appears, click on the Apple ID in the following Mailbox used by Di Shi. Then click below to continue to find your ID account. 5. If all your information is forgotten, turn on the browser, search for iTunes software on the browser page, then download and install 6. After installing it, open the software, click "Restore the iPhone" in the upper right corner of the page, take your own your own After the iPhone recovers, the mobile phone will re -set the interface. Choose a new ID for new mobile phones.

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