1 thought on “How did the virtual economy make money?”

  1. The virtual economy is to make money with money, the profit in the money and the money made,
    , for example: you invest in a project, this project is to develop a new product. If you invest 100 yuan, then the product manufacturing is successful. In the future, the manufacturer will give you 200 yuan, and the profit is 100 yuan, which is earning this.
    The virtual economy is a concept of a relatively real economy. It is a contradiction between the development of the real economy and the product of the breakthrough and serving the real economy.
    For example, the company needs raw materials after several time, but in order to avoid the risk of price fluctuations, futures contracts are eventually generated.
    The transaction objects of the virtual economy are capital, capital has time value, capital is profitable, and there will be risks in chasing interests, and risk premiums are generated.
    The money is made. Leave your own understanding for your reference.

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