How much is the value of Xianfeng ancient currency?

A raw copper rust of Xianfeng Ancient Coins, 20mm in diameter, how much is it worth?

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  1. Xianfeng Tongbao
    Xianfeng Tongbao, Qingxianfeng's three years of Fujian Baofu Bureau Ten Testing money. The bronze has a diameter of 3.9 cm, a perforation of 0.7 cm, and a weighing 16 grams. It is named after the "Daqing" nation on both sides of the "salty" character.
    [Edit this paragraph] Currency background
    "Xianfeng" is the year number of Qing Wenzong. During the Xianfeng period, the climax period of the Taiping Heavenly Revolutionary Movement. At this time, the people's grievances were boiling. In order to stretch the coin, the Qing government made a big article on the coin casting and passed the fiscal crisis to the people. "Xianfeng Tongbao", "Xianfeng Chongbao", and "Xianfeng Yuanbao" have been launched one after another.
    The first year of Xianfeng prepared to create "Xianfeng Tongbao" to make money. Due to the occurrence of the Opium War, the plundering of the powers, and the occurrence of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Revolutionary Movement, the money bureau's casting money has been difficult to carry out normally. Many money -saving bureaus are actually paused. As a result, there are fewer people with Xianfeng Tongbao's money, and there are many crude production, which is mostly inferior and light, or cause iron and lead money to replace copper coins. In the first year of Xianfeng, it was stipulated that the money was one dollar and two points, and the next year became one dollar, but the specific casting was mostly light than the prescribed weight. "Xianfeng Tongbao" has a regular script, etc. , Baozhe, Baochang, Baofu, Baotai, Baowu, Baonan, Baoguang, Baogui, Baochuan, Baoyun Aksu, Baoqian, etc. Among them, there are very few bureaus such as Baotai, Baode, Baoguang, and Aksu.
    Since then, in the Daiping Army Lianjie, the anti -Qing uprising in various places surged, the Qing army was exhausted, and the Qing court panicked. At this time, the military expenditure expenditure in the Qing Dynasty increased significantly, and the tax revenue decreased sharply, coupled with the impact of the Opium War, which led to financial constraints. In order to raise funds, we continued to suppress the Taiping Army and relieve the fiscal crisis. Ting was forced to make a big money. "Big Money List" said: "Three years of Xianfeng (AD 1853), the military affairs day, the clearing of the clearing can not last, the Shouyang Xiangguo Ministry of the Ministry of Power Households, please cast ten money, and add iron and smelting. Infrace with fifty, when a hundred dollars. The patrol king's minister continues to cast five hundred, when there are two thousand. "It shows that Xianfeng's big money is cast under the circumstances. "Xianfeng Chongbao" began to cast ten money, and then opened up to fifty, hundreds, and more than hundreds, and caused the provinces of various provinces to quickly cast and implement it. The casting of "Xianfeng Heavy Treasure" is very chaotic and complicated. When it is worthwhile, the size of the size, the casting material, the casting process, the textbook body, the money, etc., when the various bureaus and even the same bureau are cast in the same bureau, the differences are very different, so that There is a downward value and the size of the money, and there are iron money and lead money.
    In order to quickly implement the big money, the number of money -casting bureaus in Xianfeng has increased again than before, and in addition to the original Baoyuan, Baoquan, and the provincial money bureaus, the Rehe Baode Bureau, Jiangsu Baosu Bureau, Jiangsu Baosu Bureau The Qingjiangpu Branch, the Kashi Bureau of Xinjiang, also allowed the King of Kitin County to set up a large money for the Copper Bureau. There are many kinds of value of Xianfeng money. "Xianfeng Chongbao" is the most commonly commonly used for casting. The money bureau of each casting big money has been cast, and the casting volume is quite abundant. The second is when fifty, when a hundred dollars, 500, Dangqian Baoquan Bureau, Baoyuan Bureau, Bao Gong Bureau, Baoshan Bureau, Baohe Bureau, and Kent County King have been cast. In addition to the above -mentioned Dangdang, it has also been cast as far as five, 20, and forty to four hundred money. Baowen Dang ten, when most of the fifty use "Chongbao", when more than a hundred "ingots". However, some money bureau either uses "Tongbao" to take place, or use several treasures. Xianfeng Qian Qian's calligraphy calligraphy, each bureau's own system, has obvious differences.

  2. The Xianfeng coins are the most type of coins in the Qing Dynasty. There are all kinds of types, and the price is also poor. You want to know the specific situation. It is best to see the picture above.

  3. If you say that 20 centimeters are ordinary Xiaoping money, it is about 8 yuan. I also have it because you did not pass the picture and it was not easy to confirm.

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