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  1. Lyric: Li Meng (Little Donkey-Tommy)
    Taking: Li Meng (Little Donkey-Tommy)
    RAP MAKER: Li Meng (Little Donkey-Tommy)

    -Say you one Put your pockets clean than your face
    What else do you find objects to find objects

    -Ah, in fact, this is nothing,

    I said that there is a building outside the building
    R n In order to play this love lonely bell,
    This at this moment I decided to be gentle and gentle about love
    women chasing men now are rare
    men chasing women now seem to seem It is relatively common
    . I spend two bad money and want to wholeheartedly chic
    , but now it seems to be chicken buttocks. Holy
    The people to send outer nicknames in the love dynasty OP-Yongzheng
    For love, the two ribs are definitely serious. The reality always hurts me
    makes me no longer desire the dependence of that kind of fairy tale
    oh no. n Now girls are really Very slot cake
    drinking fist. You do n’t need to teach at all
    Wearing a pair of heels also have to be more than seven inches high
    at first sight, strangers started throwing small eyebrows
    Sprinkling it like a delicate lamb
    Follow you with a kitchen knife

    -Give me to tell me that you will not install you
    I My underworld, I tell you
    N-Which underworld are you from?
    -I am the Hei Sky Walk

    It said that the north of the south
    Jiamu Sihegang's

    Although some people are not beautiful, the lines are not beautiful
    , they are still the beautiful Yang Guifei (Yang Guifei) in my heart
    nThe vast world is too wonderful in the world
    You is wind
    Is toothpaste, I am brush
    I am a knife
    It is drum, I am hammer
    It where you go, I will accompany you as long as everyone is very happy
    It now you have to be careful with what you do
    The I can still be dull without you
    In open the computer, I just run online
    R n I can't find the beauty, I sit there and cold sweat there
    -Oh, it's too difficult to make a girlfriend now
    This Beckham in our family to make a girlfriend

    -Do you want to know what he is doing?
    I will tell you about

    In pick -up coal, boiled tea egg roasted sweet potatoes

    Wholesale wall powder to sell catfish hooks
    A pickled porridge porridge
    灸 灸 is easy to hold money
    n-24 hours to sit a day
    This hemorrhoids all offended
    but it doesn't matter if it's okay
    I have a way to listen to me

    Please use grass corals to contain slices

    To donkey Tommy-New Five-yuan RMB

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