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  1. China's financial derivatives can be divided into four categories: long -term, futures, options and swaps. The two sides agreed to purchase and sell specific quantitative quantities and quality assets at certain prices at a certain time. The futures contract is a standardized contract formulated by the futures exchange, which stipulates the type, quantity and quality of the assets of the contract and the assets to be traded. The long -term contract is a contract signed by the buyer and the seller according to their special needs. Therefore, the fluidity of futures transactions is strong and the liquidity of long -term transactions is weak.

    In internal transaction protocols that both parties exchange certain assets in the future. He said that more accurately, the drop is a contract that the two parties signed the exchange of cash flow with the same economic value in the next period of time. More common is interest rate swap and currency swap. If the exchange currency stipulated in the exchange contract is the same currency, which is interest rate exchange. It is a foreign currency, which is currency exchange.

    This is the right to buy and sell. The option contract provides the right to purchase or sell specific types, quantities and quality at a specific price at a certain price. Options contracts include standardized contracts listed on the exchange and non -standardized contracts traded at counters. Financial derivatives refer to financial products characterized by traditional financial products such as currency and stocks, which are characterized by credit transactions. For example, the long -term contract can be divided into four categories in the form of product: long -term, options and swaps. For example, the first -level assets, short -term deposit interest rates, long -term interest rates, interest rate options, interest rate interchange contracts, etc. in interest rate financial derivatives
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  2. You can use foreign currencies, currencies, and bond stocks. All can be traded reasonably, and it can also develop better.

  3. For example, there are long -term, futures, options, and falling. These are derivatives of currency of circulation transactions, and the liquidity is relatively stronger.

  4. It is mainly divided into 4 categories, namely options, futures, long -term and swaps. These derivatives constitute a market mechanism and jointly promote economic prosperity. The more famous is options.

  5. For example, foreign currencies, currencies derived can be divided into long -term, and futures, and then include swaps and options. The liquidity is completely different.

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