Two of the world, seek the development of monkey beads. There is also the monkey mouth rations exported and how to brush out the essence of the magic and copy of the monkeys.

What are the monkey skills and rations. How much does it cost to raise a double 70 monkey? How to quickly improve energy.

5 thoughts on “Two of the world, seek the development of monkey beads. There is also the monkey mouth rations exported and how to brush out the essence of the magic and copy of the monkeys.”

  1. The current Yuanshenzhu is the role of fit and activation. Fighting is basically not used. The fighting group P uses group attack mage -type beads. Besides, the most expensive is the skill. It can be said that a good bead skill can occupy more than one half of the best beads.
    So monkey bead skills do not matter. The main attribute points are high. If the attribute point is high, you must feed the bead energy level before it is high. Samsung is as high as possible in the future. Of course, the higher energy level is better. The higher the initial distribution of the initial distribution.
    You must have to do skills. The basic magic skills of monkeys are five attached, divine lines, magic sounds, ethereal, purple power decisions and the like.
    It if you hit food, there are many places in the world, because you are not interested in this game after the world. So I only know that there are many monkeys in Jijifang Village that will fall off the monkeys. But you will be exhausted by hitting the bead.
    Recommended 1: Buy a finished product (actually the finished product is cost -effective). If you have money, buy a superb, and buy a high attribute if you have no money. Don't care too much
    Recommended 2: Don't go to the wild, that is, Jimfang Village brushes food, the efficiency is too low. The daily copy of the daily copy is more cost -effective than brushing. And you still have a lot of time to do something else. Since you are definitely not a RMB player if you are brushing food. You have the kung fu that brushing food to mine and sell money. The ore has no buying and selling. And unlike treasure digging, you have to invest a lot of money.

  2. No matter which department is playing beads, it is very troublesome to raise it. For monkey food, it is best to feed Phantom Reunion Dan. It is not appropriate to feed the monkey because its absorption ability is 4. The points you get are too low, and it will show the increase in costs. As for what else can be fed, it is a special feeding of the other copy. However, the explosion rate is not large and no one sells that thing. In the end, monkeys fed Junneng Dan are the right path. The monkey of Double 70 is hard to say. Then you need to see which area you are, how much growth is, how many stars, how much can be distributed points, what are the skills? Also decided.

  3. 1. Prepare monkeys. The cleanest of the monkey is active bite. The passive attachment of the fire is 1x. 2X monkeys are good, high growth can be selected with high growth above 1292. A large number of acquisitions of 1x, 2X monkeys, hanging up stalls and selling one will not fall. Seeing that each server is different, the price is definitely different. The new district is more expensive, and the finished monkeys in the old district are not easy to sell.

    2, choose 4 macaques with the same skills. Two and two fusion, double 27 feed, fusion to 3X. Two black monkeys with the same skills can also be. Magic and understanding skills. In the early days, I did not give up poisoning, and continued to understand, but there were many junk skills. This must be learned. The gambling character is actually a waste of your autumn water. Active magic sounds, hundreds of middle, stealth, clean skills, and passive skills. If passive, there are many junk skills to be sold urgently. Passive 3F injuries and mastery are complained in 3X battles, but the chances of dizziness and hypnosis attacks are very high. It is possible that 10 3X monkeys have no skills I want. If the first, the two can understand the junk skills, and continue to understand. Anyway, it is also garbage. In the future, there may be beads with the same skills. As soon as the combination of washing, the skills will be clean.

    3, the above step is to be patient, and be patient. The various 3F monkey essence or a proficient monkey that I have learned is the same in combination according to the same skills, washing off the junk skills, and only 3X bite (3X monkeys, not washed) 100 middle decisions, the magic sound is ethereal and stealth. Passive 5F Shenxing or dual mastery can be left in 3X. Then feed the energy level with the high -growth beads to integrate the energy level to 4X. 4X monkeys can distribute points at least 200.

    4. Looking at the situation of each person, some people are good, and the fusion 4X will integrate the soul -lost led. After the war, the realization of the battle will soon be able to be a sharp step. If the character is not good. Try to find passive injuries, and the monkeys who actively bite skills are fused to 4X to actively bite, and passive is two attachment. Make monsters and understand! The monkey takes the initiative to understand a total of 9 skills. It should be easy to see and stride in the five empty grids to get a few autumn water.

    5, wash the buttocks of the monkey according to personal circumstances. At the initial initial 300 o'clock, it is the fusion of Double 60, and the Double 75 is about 400 allocated (about 200 points of initial distribution when monkey guards). Fusion, distribute more than 500 flushing. Even if our monkeys are completed,

    [Summary] 3X understanding skills must not be impulsive. The impulse is the devil. 4X realized that the sharp discomfort must be stopped. After all, there are so many spaces passive, and it is easy to produce garbage and waste autumn water. The need to understand the skills, directly find two beads above 1290, and the distribution to 4X can be assigned too high. You can also have a 400 | distribution at 4X. Give up, and there is a bonus for the attributes of the earth soul.
    This Xue Dan, it will be faster to open Taurus! However, personal suggestions can be removed, and you can group a group to brush up the task every day! Or go to the monster of the same level, the energy is to go to ancient 1-24, too virtual view, 58 copy brush to feed! There is a number of ways to kill the low -level natural disaster monsters.

  4. Not much to say that you can only smash money. Energy buying and transfiguration energy Dan, experience the golden cow's Xue Dan, and the task of having money will be done. For a general method, please ask

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