Buying and selling virtual stocks can also be traded! What is the situation of "stocks" for customers to send customers?

4 thoughts on “Buying and selling virtual stocks can also be traded! What is the situation of "stocks" for customers to send customers?”

  1. This so -called stock is not a real stock at all, but a virtual stock launched by Naixue. Such transactions also need to be stopped.
    It, to some extent, we can understand the virtual activity launched by Naixue as a digital collection activity or NFT activity. Before those activities were launched, many brands have actually launched the corresponding digital collection. Personally, unless the user appreciates these digital collections very much and wants to take the initiative to collect it, the behavior of most users is actually only passive hype, and such behavior itself has no meaning.
    Ne Xue launched a virtual stock trading function.
    Although Nai Xue is a milk tea brand, in order to improve her brand competitiveness, Nai Xue is also conducting various business activities. After that, Nai Xue actually launched the so -called sale and selling virtual stocks. Users can even conduct leverage transactions when buying and selling virtual stocks, and the multiple of leverage can be increased to more than 10 times. To some extent, the function launched by Naixue is basically no different from stock trading.
    The function of Naixue is not formal.
    Although the virtual stocks launched by Naixue itself have no actual value, for users, users may seek huge profits by buying and selling these virtual stocks, and some people even speculate in these stocks as high prices. In this case, many users may become victims of drumming flowers, so this function itself is not formal, and many people also call on the relevant departments to check the relevant functions as soon as possible.
    Ne Xue needs to put more attention to the milk tea brand.
    It some extent, Nai Xue believes that he may make his milk tea well, and give users a better consumption experience in this way. If Nai Xue always puts attention to the meaningless virtual thing, this behavior itself belongs to the upside -down, and at the same time, it will also seem very irresponsible. Users will only understand Naixue's behavior as an unwilling capital capital that is not kind -hearted capital. operate.

  2. Naixue's tea officer announced the first anniversary of the listing of Hong Kong stocks, and launched the "Naixue Coin" and virtual stocks. According to the rules of the activity, consumers can obtain "Naixue Coin" in the "Naixue Point Single" applet by purchasing products, daily sign -in, and completing tasks, and "Naixuecoin" can buy Nai Xue's virtual stock.

  3. These virtual stocks cannot be used as money, and they are still membership points. This is just Nai Xue's new marketing method. It uses novel "Naixue Coins" and virtual stocks to attract customers to consume.

  4. This is just a typical form of award -winning sales. In essence, it is a narrow non -exchanges tokens. It is not regulated by financial management regulations and does not involve renminbi and virtual currencies.

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