4 thoughts on “Which country is the import battery of hearing aids? Where is the better than domestic one?”

  1. Basically, it is Germany. Compared with domestic batteries, the voltage of imported batteries will be more stable, especially with a good hearing aid, it is best to use imported batteries, which is also a protection of hearing aids. For example, the hearing aid of the Peak Mermaid series basically uses imports, otherwise the sound will be intermittent

  2. There are the United States, some Germany, and Japanese.
    The general Germany is common in the market.
    The import battery voltage peak value is more stable. It will not be as low as domestic batteries. R n Although the long time is similar, the effect will be a little better than domestic.
    but the price is more expensive than domestic.

  3. Hearing aid batteries are divided into 10, 13, 312, 675, Germany, Denmark, etc. The imported batteries are stable than domestic batteries, and the use time is almost the same. Domestic batteries should be cheaper.

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