3 thoughts on “What is the reason why dogs are thin?”

  1. 1. Insufficient diet
    The owners will ask how much their dogs should eat. In fact, this does not have an accurate answer. Even the recommended amount recommended in dog food packaging is just a reference standard. We should still make judgments based on the actual situation. Some owners are fed completely according to the amount of packaging instructions, but the actual situation may be lower than the needs of dogs, so dogs may have a thin problem.
    2. Parasites in the body
    Although some owners pay attention to vaccine problems, they ignore the insect repellent work. Some owners say that their dogs eat a lot, but they are not gaining weight, which is likely to cause parasites in the body. Because most of the nutrition is absorbed by parasites. Therefore, it is best to remove insects in the body and outside the body regularly.
    . The problem of digestion and absorption
    The dog's digestive system is not very good, and nutrition cannot be absorbed and utilized by the body well. Most of these digestive organs have certain problems, it is best to check it.
    . Nutritional use obstacles
    This Nutrition is fully absorbed in time, but because of the decrease in liver function, nutrients cannot be assimilated and the dog is lean.
    It the four major reasons that lead to thin dogs. Everyone must pay attention to the dog's lean!

  2. Eating less, not deworming, poor digestion, poor liver function will accelerate and cause the dog to lean. I just like fat animals, but how can my dogs feed not fat, but when I went to the physical examination, I found that the indicators of its liver are not normal. Shu, after eating, went to the review and it has returned to normal. Now my dog ​​has been raised very rounded by me, but I have always been controlled within a reasonable range and did not make him overeating.

  3. What is the reason why dogs are thin?

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