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  1. Body odor

    skin disease
    estrus period
    body odor
    Due to different types, dogs' body odor is also strong and weak, want to find It is impossible to have a dog without body odor at all.
    If the dog's skin wounds, it is common to make odor. Wounds will be expanded due to bacterial infection, the most common is Pugioe. Sensitive diseases, hormone problems, endocrine disorders, etc. also make the dog's skin odor.
    The lice and dribbles who are parasitic on the skin are also the source of odor. Dogs will also scratch the skin because of itching, which will cause more severe germs infection.
    Cupply bathing can effectively reduce the smell of the dog's body, and use the bath fluid too often to hurt its skin.
    This has a layer of oily sebaceous gland secretion on the dog's skin, which can maintain water and protect skin health. Frequent bathing will wash off this layer of protective film, and dogs that lose protection are more likely to be invaded by skin diseases.

    The dog is a omnivorous animal, and it is mainly focused on meat. After eating, the food residue remains between the teeth, and the mouth will produce odor.

    The unbearable bad breath, then dogs are likely to suffer from oral inflammation, gingivitis, periodontitis, dental or gastrointestinal disease, rhinitis and other diseases.
    The periodontal disease is caused by the accumulation of dental membrane and tutoring. Bacteria survive and reproduce in a warm and humid oral cavity, and at the same time release substances of sulfur components. This is the source of bad breath.
    The bacteria in the oral cavity can enter the blood vessels through the tooth, which causes more serious diseases. Therefore, when the dog appears bad breath, it must be vigilant and treat it as soon as possible.

    The dog odor can cause problems with other body organs and stimulate the growth of tumors.
    Berbications can cause tissue necrosis in the pulp of the teeth, and the roots of the teeth are loose and falling off.
    The oral tumors that older dogs often suffer from oral tumors, puppies have died of electrical tissue by electric tissue due to biting wires. Essence

    The dog's ear canal is easy to accumulate oil, dust and water.
    Especially dogs with large ears, drooping ear shells and long hair near the ear canal often cover the ear canal. In this way, because the air in the ear canal is not smooth, it is easy to accumulate dirt, humidity and infection with inflammation.
    The ear canal is also easy to become a hotbed of ear tapeworm and mold.
    If the dog's ears emit a fruit -like odor, it is infected with bacteria or parasites.
    The ear mites are an in vitro parasite, parasitic in the dog's ear canal, and a very stubborn parasitic disease. Its symptoms are yellow -brown secretions in the outer ear canal, which are scattered with odor. The epithelium degeneration of the ear canal is thickened.
    skin diseases

    Ter skin disease is the most important reason for the dog to produce it. It is also the most dangerous reason.
    has a variety of skin diseases and is not easy to heal. It is a big killer of fresh family air and healthy dogs!
    The common skin diseases in dogs are more than a dozen. Among them, more mites, bacterial dermatitis, eczema, and dermatitis caused by infection. These types of skin diseases can almost cause dogs to emit a bad smell.

    The onset parts of dog mites are generally on the joints of the ears, faces, and limbs. The symptoms of mites are itching. This is the case where the dog will grab the skin, and the occurrence of purulent and infection.

    The shape of the hair follicles is different from mites. It will destroy the dog's skin follicles, resulting in redness and hair removal of the whole body. Generally And back.
    P estimnce
    The smell of the estrus during the estrus is a problem that the pet family is avoided south. The bitch's estrus twice a year will secrete the mucus with
    The irritating smell. Fortunately, the smell is not very heavy. As long as you pay attention to ventilation, there is basically no major hindrance.

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