How to do dog food agents?

I want to know how the dog food agent is done. I want to open a pet shop and want to know about joining the dog food agent related things, thank you!

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  1. The conditions for franchise policies for each dog food agent are different. According to the selected dog food brand contacting the company, Youjue dog food agents can directly contact their general agent

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  3. Preliminary learning:
    1. First of all, you must learn what to choose good dog food, be responsible for your pet, and your customer is responsible.
    Pet foods are generally rich in protein, crude fat, crude fiber, lysine, calcium, total phosphorus, salt and water; With rigorous production process refining. It can provide pets with comprehensive nutritional balance, regulate the stomach and intestines, enhance immunity, and promote the healthy growth of pets.
    2. Secondly, understanding that pet food can be roughly divided into beef flavor, chicken flavor, seafood flavor, vegetable flavor and other flavors; the main difference is to distinguish according to the flavor of its products.
    3. Be again, you must understand that pet foods are mainly divided into adults and puppies, and you can choose according to your pets. Because the puppies are smaller than the delicate and granular of the dogs, they should choose food suitable for pets.
    4. The quality of grain can be distinguished from the aspects of visual and smell. Visually judge the roughness of the grain surface and whether there is color loss, and the surface is relatively smooth; the sense of smell is mainly judged by the richness of the grain fragrance. The stronger the flavor, the better.
    The post -shop opening:

    . Investing in a pet supplies store, there are two ways: franchise chain and self -opening. Franchise chain is a good choice, and it is very worry -free from personnel configuration to goods supply. Essence
    In addition, the biggest expenditure in the early investment is store rent, and the other is purchase. This depends on the situation of personal financial resources.
    . The location of the location to open the store is the key. It is recommended that pet products stores in the place where the pet market is concentrated. Secondly, to understand the closure rate of nearby communities, there are more "good dogs and good cats", which can become your target customer. By observing the grade of customers' pets, the grade of goods provided by their own shops is decided. In addition, the customers in the commercial bustling area of ​​the commercial bustling area are very special cats and dogs such as cats and dogs. Therefore, it is best to avoid commercial prosperous areas as much as possible, and do not choose shops that require high rent. Because the state has corresponding regulations, pets are not allowed to enter commercial prosperous areas. The reason for choosing a more empty area to choose a place where the location is empty is: First, you can give the pets in sufficient activity space; second, because pet parents can drive with pets, most of them drive. Can provide sufficient parking spaces.

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