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  1. Dogs are usually seven to eight months old, and the first physiological period will come, and once every six months. It also means that there will only be twice a year, but because of different physical fitness, some dogs will be slower in physiological periods, and some are only 1 to 2 years old. For the first time.

    The time of time will last for 7 to 14 days. Some dogs will have a few days, and the blood of the dogs is dropped by drop. If your dog is a small dog, the blood volume will not be much; there will be more large dogs, but the nature of the dog is the nature of the dog is the nature of the dog is Will lick the menstrual blood by themselves.

    The changes in temperament

    In addition to the behavior of dogs, in addition to the behavior of the dog will lick the genitals, the careful owner will feel the dog's temperament, It's more anxious than usual, hoping to go out, like to touch gentle, and more sticky.

    The changes in eating

    If the physiological period and change in eating, the pet dog will compare the food after eating food.

    It big dog physiological periods

    different types of dogs are not the same. Generally speaking, big dogs with large body shapes Large dogs, the physiological period is late.

    This of the auxiliary suggestion of the dog's menstruation

    This symptoms

    So the dog will be uncomfortable and lick. It is recommended that you wipe it with warm water, so that it will be more comfortable, and you will not twist your buttocks all the time, and look uneasy.

    The is prone to constipation

    During the evening rational period, it is easier to have constipation. The supply of vegetables and water should be added. It is best to provide warm water. Help it difficult to make constipation.

    The dog -specific physiological pants

    If you do not want the dog to drip the menstrual blood at home, you can buy dog ​​special physiological pants for dogs at the pet product store, the small small inside Pad, replace it with ordinary pads. When you go out and go out, you will also wear physiological pants. The dog will not be used to it for the first time. If your dog is very exclusive or does not like to wear physiological pants, do not let the dog go out during the physiological period. Avoid boys and dogs. Just approach

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    The precursors of Dogs and Dogs come to the aunt: behavior changes, enhancement of excitement, increased activities, irritability, thick barking, bright eyes; swollen door, redness, flowing out of red mucus with blood Reduce, frequent urination, raising tail arches, like to approach male dogs, and so on. Pay attention to the shape of the dog's vulva, if it is pale white or pink, it means that it is time to take a routine holiday. Before the dog is about to take a holiday, it will not be seen, and the tail is always tight; when you touch it, you will leak urine immediately. The owner should pay attention to observing the state of the dog. It is also an important thing to come to the aunt to come to the dog. The dog owner must be careful.

    This dog menstruation is because she has reached the estrus period, and the female dog will be sexually mature from eight months, and she starts to have menstruation. At the beginning, I won't bleed. At that time, she would find her vulva, which is the place where urine. After 1 to 2 days, there will be relatively clear pink liquids. The time will last for 11 to 14 days, and the bleeding will slowly decrease. During her estrus, some changes in physiological functions and behaviors will occur.

    Master should do the following points:

    1. The female dog during the estrus may not be so peaceful, it seems a bit impatient, and the gods do not keep the house, and they are unwilling. At this time, in addition to being seriously trapped when going out, it is also necessary to prepare foods that are rich in nutrition, good taste, and digestible food. Due to the increase in constipation during the estrus, some vegetables, coarse grains, non -feeding cold and sour and spicy foods should be appropriately increased. Drinking water should provide warm water, and a little honey is appropriately added to the water. After a lot of exercise, you can add 1 spoon of glucose powder to the water.

    2. The biggest feature of the female dogs during the estrus is that the vulva is discharged from blood and mucus. The vulva should be kept clean. Use clean warm water, pots, and cloth to clean the vulva every day. Do not use dirty water, otherwise it can cause reproductive organs to infection. Dogs are in estrus, and the pads that are touched by the dog should be soft, and they should be cleaned and disinfected; do not use dirty cloth, waste paper and uninterrupted mats. The items that dogs are touched should be washed and replaced diligently, and it is best to dry in the sun. 3. Pay attention to keep warm, don't be cold. Try not to take a bath during the estrus, let alone lying on the cold ground for a long time.

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