4 thoughts on “How can I choose a purebred British short -haired cat for the first time?”

  1. In the first point, choose the purebred, and the other is to understand this short -haired cat so that you can choose a better short -haired cat.
    must choose pure seeds, so you should master certain professional knowledge. Pure breed short -haired cats, its tail is generally thicker, but shorter, and then his tip tip is actually not very sharp, it will be a bit round. The root of the tail is compared to other cats. Standard, so when we choose, we must start with his tail, and then ask the seller if the cat belongs to the purebed cat, whether there is this blood certificate, and so on. If there is a bloodline certificate and a regular shop, then the credibility is generally high. The selection of pure species is naturally better than other hybrids. Good than hybrid.

    The point 2, see if its appearance has this hair loss, disease and defect.
    This's spiritual appearance is actually very important, and appearance and appearance are also one of the important factor in whether they are pleasing. Therefore, we need to check whether the cat's appearance is severe hair loss and whether there are this parasitic or whether there are this genetic disease and disease. If so, do not choose such cats. After all, do you have more funds for treatment, and sometimes it may not be cured, so avoid diseases and defects.

    The point 3, select those movements are more agile, and the call is crisp, and it looks more energetic.
    Is when choosing a cat, do not choose the kind of cats that are poor in mental state, and even tease the kind of cats that have no response. Such cats are either bad in personality, or they are some diseases in the body. When choosing a cat, it is best to take something to tease the cat, see if its movements are agile, and then look at the cat's response. If the cat responds quickly and the action is very agile, then the cat is very vigilant. And they are also very healthy, it is right to choose this cat.

  2. First of all, you must go to the regular cat house for purchase, and in the process of selection, you must check the specific situation of the cat's body. From its appearance, appearance, hair color, hair luster, and the color of the pupils, the color is judged accordingly.

  3. You should understand the experience of selection, select the selection according to the selection, pay attention to the requirements of selection, and the selection skills.

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