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  1. There are many types of cat ringworm. This is a skin problem that feels itching. Some cats and dogs and other pets may also occur after contact with cats. Cat owners may itch if they often touch cats. When a cat appears, the cat owner should take measures in time to help it.

    1. Temporarily isolation of cats

    Is when the cat's body grows ringworm, the cat owner can temporarily isolate cats who appear cat ringworm. Because many cat owners not only raised a cat when they raised cats. If a cat continues to contact other cats after ringworm, it may affect other cats. Cat owners can temporarily isolate the cats with ringworm to prevent it from contacting other pets. The cat owner must also reduce the cat.

    2. Applying the cat for cats

    For cats, when it occurs, the cat owner can apply appropriate care solution to it. First of all, the cat owner can find out the cats on the cat's body, and then shave the hair of these places. After shaving, the cat owner can apply some specialized care solution to help the cat for care. Cats may itch when ringworm, which is normal, but the cat owner wants to stop the cat from scratching itch frequently.

    3, preventing cats from scratching itch

    . If a cat keeps scratching the body because of itching I will catch myself because of frequent itching. Cat owners should stop cats from scratching it too often. First, the cat owner can help the cat cut off its nails. In fact, cats are also invincible because of itching. The cat owner can feed it some itching for care. Subsequently, the cat owner can put on the cat's collar and wait until it is ready.

    For cats, when a skin problem occurs, the cat owner should help it solve it in time so that the cat will accompany the cat owner in the future

  2. Hello, is it a cat had a skin disease? Check it. I was infected with cat ringworm to me before. At first I thought I had a mite on my body. I sprayed it with mites. After the doctor, I knew it was athletes, so I bought a bathing liquid bath. It was almost half a month after half a month. For details, you can Baidu.

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