4 thoughts on “How to ensure the safety of cats at home for 12 days?”

  1. There are pets in the family not far away. After the cat or dog is raised at home, it seems to be tied to it. Every day at work and get off work, even the meal can push it. I want to make more time to accompany the pet. You can only go to the suburbs when you go out to play, but also a large bag of pets with pets, which can be described as pets on pets. It is impossible for the company to travel for 12 days and want to take a cat on a business trip together. So how to ensure the safety of cats at home?
    This shoveling officers need a lot of preparations for more than ten days. The most important thing is that there are enough food, clean drinking water and cat sand. Food is the most important. Cats are preparing a automatic feeding bowl, set up through the mobile phone, three meals a day, regularly fixed points, will not cause waste, have timely feeding, and very clean and hygienic. It is best not to open too many cans. The canned food can only be released for a day. It is easy to deteriorate after a long time. Cats will put cats without eating canned food.
    It is the water. The time to go out is too long, so it is best to drop the cat's drinking mechanism. The water dispenser storage is not enough to let the cat drink for 12 days. Cause fire. You can replace the cat with a small bowl of water and put a few bowls of water in each room. It is best to choose a stable bowl of the chassis. It is not easy to be overturned by the cat. It is best to put another pot filled with water in the bathroom. Even if the water in other bowls is sprinkled, the cat can still drink water.
    The cat litter pot is also very important for cats. A cat litter pot is maintained for up to two days. The cat loves cleanliness. Once you find that the cat litter in the cat litter basin or too little If you solve the problem, you will either run to the bed in the room in the room and excrete even on the bed. So it is best to prepare a few more cat sand pots so that cats can rotate.
    It also prepare a few toys for cats, toys with streaming, small bells, and feathers, it is best to put it away to prevent cats from tearing to cause danger. Before going out, the shoveling officer is best to turn off the power supply and put away all the dangerous things. Pay attention to ventilation. Do not open the windows. You can leave a little gap. It is best to install monitoring at home. You can keep the cat's movement at any time through your mobile phone. Find a good friend or family in advance to take care of the cat regularly. It's really not assured or fostering, not spending money to buy at ease.

  2. First, prepare enough food for cats, and do not make the cat hungry; second, let good friends go to see the cat every day or two to see if there is any problem with the cat; third, you can install a monitoring, you can install a monitoring, you can install a monitoring, and you can install a monitoring, and you can install a monitoring. See if the cat is healthy.

  3. You can send the cat to the nearby pet shop to foster, and just take it back to take it back. This will not only ensure the safety of the cat, and you can also be at ease on your business business.

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