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  1. From market prospects, industry development, product trends and growth strategies, share the cosmetics industry.
    1. Market prospects -In the second and fourth quarters, the cosmetics market still has huge development space. Although the growth rate of the industry has slowed down, its development space is still broad in the long run. The per capita cosmetics consumption in Japan and South Korea consumes $ 103 and 165 in 2020, and the annual consumption of Chinese cosmetics per capita cosmetics is 45 US dollars, which is significantly lower than Japan and South Korea. Combining the development of beauty consciousness awakening and beauty consumption habits, and the development laws of consumer demand continuously upgraded the increase in volume and price increases, the Chinese beauty market still has a lot of penetration space. However, as the base becomes larger and the traffic dividend is reduced, the industry will inevitably enter the low -speed growth stage. In terms of industry growth alone in 2022, in the first quarter, with the continuous epidemic conditions across the country, beauty consumption entered a weak period, superimposed on the high base of last year, and the growth was weaker. With the improvement of the epidemic, the recovery of consumption confidence, and the emergence period of merchants in the second and fourth quarters, and the release of consumption power, the industry is expected to gradually improve.
    2. Industry development stage -The polishing of products is iron rice bowl
    The industry from channels to king into the stage of product king. In the past, the growth of beauty brands highly relied on offline channels, and the traffic dividend brought about by the switching of online and offline channels. However, with the increasing maturity of consumers, the cost of market competition has continued to rise, and enterprises must return to the essence of the essence and pay attention to the polishing of products. my country's beauty industry will gradually enter the product -driven stage.
    3, product trend -Deep -seated research and development is the key
    In the increasing competition in the domestic beauty market, and under the general trend of demand and upgrade, the brand increases and innovated in deep development and innovation on the agenda. From the past "big -name flattening", category dividend, product appearance design innovation, in -depth excavation of consumer needs, and promoting the innovation and product differentiation of formulas such as formula innovation, raw materials innovation, and process innovation. From the perspective of product layout, local beauty companies continue to attack high -end brands. For a long time, the high -end market is the main battlefield of international brands. The local brand layout is limited. However, this year will be an important turning point for domestic beauty companies to attack the high -end market and supplement the vacancy of the brand matrix. In 2021, after COLORKEY's parent company Meishang completed 400 million yuan B financing, its founder said that he would further deploy the high -end beauty market and plans to promote its brand share in the top three in the market in 2022. Betai also repeatedly talked about the high -end market last year, and plans to launch a high -end anti -aging brand this year, with a price band of about 1,000 yuan. Shanghai Jiahua also launched the skin care brand "Herborist Tai Chi" at the end of last year, betting on the high -end beauty market this year. In addition, Maru Mi, Person, Lin Qingxuan, Huaxi Biological, etc. have released new products, focusing on high -end tracks, and competing with European and American brands. The scale and market education of domestic beauty brands in high -end market investment are also expected to promote the accelerated growth of the industry.
    4. Growth strategy
    Coustically consolidated product differentiation cognition
    Under the background of the rise of domestic goods and product homogeneity, marketing differentiation has become the key to brand breakthroughs -avoid entering the aesthetic fatigue period Traditional selling points, deeply cultivating the demand of generations Z, through the tracking and application of hotspots, emphasizing the research and development capabilities and star composition, the more segmented purchase of the scene of the purchase of scenes, reshaping consumer minds, and competing with international brands.
    The value of brand power
    Social media marketing has gradually entered the Red Sea market, and traffic costs have continued to increase. ROI u003C1 has become the norm for more brands. Therefore, brand marketing methods are facing transformation. While embracing the new marketing method, we must also use the purpose of realizing the brand differentiation of consumer cognition to balance the conversion rate to the product Xuanzou, and cultivate the full -link operation capabilities to obtain the brand to obtain the brand Effective long -term comprehensive effect.
    The reshaping channel value
    On the basis of focusing on brand power, beauty companies need to re -examine channel value. Online traffic continues to differentiate, and in the wave of emergencies such as the emergence store and medical beauty channels such as the offline beauty gathering store and medical beauty channels. Zhongxiashi Enterprise word of mouth, brand power, and establishment of user stickiness, and finally achieved sales growth.
    Multi -brand and multi -category layout
    In 2022, multi -brand and multi -category development will still be the core topic of beauty companies. In the past two years, the listing of beauty groups has accelerated and investment institutions have supported emerging brands, providing capital for their own incubation and mergers and acquisitions, and beauty companies have accelerated multi -brand and multi -category pace. With the improvement of the product and brand matrix, companies will also be obvious in terms of product development, channel bargaining and marketing resources, and then open up and long -term development imagination space.
    In the strict development of industry supervision
    The overall supervision of the cosmetics industry has become stricter, and the threshold is continuously increased in terms of product safety and marketing publicity. At the same time as the new time cost of the product, it also benefits the chaos of the industry to a certain extent, and has obtained a more friendly development environment for enterprises, and helps the brand's healthy growth.
    The new growth in the sea
    This beauty is speeding up to the sea. Huoxi, Perfect Diary, Children's Spring, Mao Ge equivalent, or rely on platforms and channel resources to achieve brand output, or to achieve overseas market layout by acquiring local brands. With the rapid development of the global e -commerce industry, domestic products with mature online operation experience and product power are expected to make breakthroughs in overseas markets.

  2. The current status of the cosmetics industry accounts for 80%of foreign companies, and only 20%of the local area. Among them, the first six are foreign brands. Biological polypeptide skin care, anti -pollution, no added skin care, green cosmetics is the development trend of cosmetics.

    With the improvement of living standards, now cosmetics have also become supplies for daily life. Today we do not talk about which cosmetics are easy to use to distinguish authenticity, and generally understand the current status and development of the cosmetics industry. trend.

    The status quo of the cosmetics industry
    According to statistics from China Research Pwi, the top 20 companies have appeared in Shanghai Jiajiahua, Galan Group, Baique Antelope, Han Shu, Yunnan Baiyao and many other natives. Essence Judging from the proportion of the first 20 of the market, foreign -funded enterprises account for 80%, and only 20%of the local area. Among them, the first six are foreign brands.

    2017 The global market -based scale reached 464.942 billion US dollars, a year -on -year growth rate of 5.3%. The global market size reached $ 485.1 billion in 2018. In 2019, the global cosmetics market size reached $ 498.3 billion.

    Globally, the Chinese cosmetics market is still strong, especially the Japanese and Korean brands. The dominant position of the multinational company is still unable to shake. With its strong research and development capabilities, brand influence and marketing capabilities, it firmly occupies a leading position in the cosmetics industry. About 52.4%of the global market share. European, American and Japanese companies lead the global beauty concept and industrial development direction, and this pattern will continue in the foreseeable future. The brand concentration of mature markets is very high. For example, the Canadian cosmetics market, the total proportion of Procter

  3. Industry major enterprises: Shanghai Jiajia (600315), Lafang Jiajiahua (603630), Perlaya (603605),
    Qingdao Golden King (002094), Sinopharm Hyundai (600420), Langzi (002612), Qingsong Co., Ltd. (300132), Mingchen Health (002919)
    The core data of this article: Chinese cosmetics market size, the market concentration of the Chinese cosmetics industry, retail sales of units above the Chinese cosmetics limit
    The beauty market of our country is in mature stage r
    For more than a century, the domestic beauty industry has gone through four development stages of development, breakthrough and maturity:
    The domestic cosmetics market has grown rapidly
    The continuous improvement of residents' income levels. Under the development of European, American and Japanese and Korean big -name cosmetics companies, the cosmetics consumption concept of domestic consumers has gradually increased, and the domestic cosmetics market has expanded rapidly.
    In statistical data, the market size of cosmetics in my country from 2011-2020 shows a trend of increasing year by year, but the market size growth rate of 2011-2019 shows a downward trend. my country's market size increased from US $ 33.18 billion in 2011 to US $ 73.20 billion in 2020, with a compound growth rate of about 9.22%. The epidemic in 2020 has a greater impact on the overall economy. In this environment, the size of the cosmetics market can still maintain a positive growth rate of 6.83%, which fully reflects the infinite potential of my country's cosmetics market in the future.
    The cosmetic retail market is gradually prosperous
    If according to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the total retail sales of cosmetics (units) in my country in 2020 are 340 billion yuan, an increase of 13.6%over 2019. The epidemic in 2020 is right The overall economy has caused a large impact. In this environment, the retail sales of cosmetics can still maintain growth, especially the promotion of "Double Eleven" and "Double Twelve" at the end of the year, and retail sales have grown faster. From January to November 2021, the retail sales of units above the cosmetics limit reached 367.82 billion yuan, an increase of 19.6%year-on-year.
    Note: "Enterprises above the limit" refers to a wholesale enterprise with an annual sales of 20 million yuan or more; the annual sales of 5 million yuan and more retail companies
    The competition echelon division is relatively obvious
    my country's cosmetics market Consumption groups can be divided into five segments of high -end (luxury) cosmetics, high -end cosmetics, mid -to -high -end cosmetics, mass cosmetics and extremes of high -end (luxury) cosmetics. Five segments are in a state of multi -brand competition.
    It in high -end (luxury) cosmetics market, high -end cosmetics market, and mid -to -high -end markets, it is mainly occupied by the top international brands, such as Guerlain, Kristin Dior (CD), Chanel (Chanel), Clarins (Channel) Clarins), Lancome, Estee
    LAUDER and so on. Only a small number of domestic classic domestic products can participate in the competition in the mid -to -high -end market.
    . Volkswagen cosmetics are divided by some foreign brands and local brands. This type of brand is mainly aimed at low -income consumer groups. Generally, it is sold through large stores, supermarkets, and specialized stores. The current layout in e -commerce is relatively wide. There are many brands in this field. Foreign -funded brands include Nivea, Ponds (Ponds), etc., and local brands include Xiangyi Materia Medica, Natural Hall, Ding Jiayi, etc.
    The high -end market concentration
    The data based on different market types, the high -end market concentration of Chinese cosmetics is high. And 64.5%. In contrast, the Chinese cosmetics Volkswagen market competition is relatively fierce, and the market concentration is lower than the high -end market. The market share of other companies except P

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