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  1. With cleanliness, Vegetable Lala is a brand of Wenzhou Hehe Smart Delivery Limited Public. Vegetable Lala is committed to providing smart distribution services for home dishes in the city and even the country. The major categories such as rice noodles and oils, agricultural and sideline foods, etc., actively responded to the government's call, and explored a fresh and cold chain distribution model with a standardized operation specification and stable operation of "with a chain, from easy to difficult".

    It is committed to providing intelligent distribution services for home dishes to citizens in the city and even the country to solve the last mile of fresh distribution. rnrn运营模式rnrn线上:商城平台rnrn自主开发“蔬拉拉”线上商城配套系统,运营方、供应商、 Customers are accommodated in a platform, which greatly saves software systems and maintenance costs.

    Sminton terminal: patented ice bag, smart lock, shelves
    In lightweight solutions to solve the whole cold chain world problem of fresh delivery, the area is small, easy to install, no hydropower support, no water and electricity support, no water and electricity support, no water and electricity support. low cost.

    offline: Delivery service

    The self -built professional fresh distribution service system, standardized service, unified management.

    Vegetables Lala: Fresh e -commerce caters caters to the migration of consumption habits of young groups

    people's consumption habits need to change

    Fresh and fresh distribution Consumers in the industry are still in the "primary stage", but the consumption habits purchased on the Internet line are still deepening. This is like a habit of migration. And again. The younger generation of consumer groups are more willing to meet online friends, shop online, and use at home or use the free time to go to work. As long as the mouse is gently clicked, someone will deliver the goods to the door. Enjoy purchasing food ingredients.

    It the needs of green, safe, and healthy lifestyles
    Minic food as the sky. With the development of the economy, urban residents have higher and higher quality requirements for life. It is rich, naturally inseparable from appetizer, and more and more people have received suggestions for nutritionists to start paying attention to nutritional balance, including more willing to buy net vegetables that are convenient for washing under the guidance of recipes.

    This reduction and waste of waste. The need for garbage reduction needs
    It during the traditional dish transportation process, the loss rate of the dishes is quite high, and some losses are on the sheep. Finally, the wool is on the sheep. In the end Pass to consumers. Vegetable Lala uses a recycled ice bag distribution. While safe and hygiene, it can also reduce the pollution of the environment.

  2. Pretty clean and hygienic, they will sort them manually before delivery, and the products they deliver to users are fresh, clean and hygienic.

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