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  1. Each exhibitors have different views. Enterprises have expected sales in 2009 to shrink sharply.
    2008 is still good; but because the customer is trying to handle the backlog of inventory, the number of orders delivered in 2009 has been reduced by 1/3. Some exhibitors are considering reducing profit or no profit to maintain the operation of the factory and take other cost reduction measures. Nevertheless, the company still attaches great importance to product development. A toy model that is conducive to the environment is displayed at this exhibition, which is made of biodegradable polystable plastic. At the exhibition, this kind of toys that teach children's identification of color names have been loved by people, but the "green" plastic makes it 50%higher than ordinary toys, so buyers dare not ask.
    "When the customer hears the price, they all say 'This idea is good, but it is not the right time to buy."
    It other environmental protection products are also welcomed by customers, such as soybean ink and The simpler corrugated cardboard packaging toy musical instrument product line, they are redesigned to make the toys' ABS plastic parts easier to regenerate.
    In general, the larger and more mature toy companies in mainland China and Hong Kong are in good operating conditions. This is a manifestation of the Chinese government's encouragement of industry merger policies. So far, they want to see smaller and less high -end companies withdraw from the market, especially in Guangdong Province in South China.
    Guangdong Qunxing Toys Industry Co., Ltd., which produces various types of plastic toys, said that its sales in 2008 have steadily increased and are now maintaining this level of growth.
    The product brand in the Chinese market is helpful, which is as important as opening up the export market and providing internal product design and other services. She said that despite the shrinking profit space, the company has developed new -type educational toys, such as children's language learning tools like laptops.

  2. It is recommended to do resin crafts, because resin materials can make many products with many shapes, with large variables and large market space. The resin gift vendors I have contacted are very good. Like Shenzhen's "Qianyi Fang" brand resin handicrafts can sell tens of millions a year, it is the first brand of resin crafts!

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