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  1. Kiwi is rich in minerals, including rich calcium, phosphorus, and iron, and also contains carotene and various vitamins, which has an important role in maintaining human health.
    1. Prevention of cancer has proven that kiwi contains a kind of resistance to divide glutathione, which is conducive to inhibiting mutations that induce cancer genes.
    2, adding white, light spots, removal of acne, detoxification and anti -aging, the average vitamin C content per 500g of red heart kiwi is as high as 95.7 mg, known as the king of fruits. Vitamin C and vitamin E can be beautiful skin, antioxidant, effective white, eliminate freckles and acne, and enhance the skin's anti -aging ability.
    3, weight loss and bodybuilding, kiwi fruit is low in sugar, is one of the most nutritious fruits. People can obtain the most balanced nutrition from kiwi, melon, sippelling, and lemon fruits.
    4, cure oral ulcer, kiwi pulp is rich in VC and VB trace elements, which has a natural effect on preventing oral ulcers.
    5, prevention and treatment of constipation, prevention and treatment of colon cancer and arteriosclerosis. Red -hearted kiwi contains more dietary fiber and oligosaccharides and protein decomposition enzymes. It can quickly remove harmful metabolic products in the body, prevent and control, prevent constipation, and prevent colon cancer and arteriosclerosis.
    6. Preventing depression, kiwi fruits are actually proactisol, and procesol is a precursor of the second messenger system in the cell. Preventing depression is effective.
    7. Preventing eye diseases (cataracts), more and more adults have cataracts, kiwi is rich in plant chemical component chloroplasia, lutein can accumulate on human retina.
    8. Enhanced immune function, kiwi is considered an immune auxiliary agent, mainly due to it contains a large amount of VC and antioxidant substances.
    9. Eliminating tension and fatigue, kiwi contains quite high 5-hydroxylidine (vascular contraction), and 5 hydroxylidine only has a sedative effect on the human body.
    10. Keeping human health, kiwi contains a lot of minerals, especially in high temperature weather to supplement the body's electrolyte loss caused by physical exercise.

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