5 thoughts on “Is the welding union as one of the choices for young people?”

  1. how is this possible? Although there are many types of welding workers, most of the young people in this industry have their own hard work. The welding is not everyone who can do it. It was a full -time job, and later left this industry.
    For most young people, the selection or entry industry is based on the following three points. Personal interests and hobbies, industry salaries, and future development levels. And most young people learn the channels of welding are wild roads, and there is no economic strength to support him for full -time learning. Even if his welding technology is very high, because the lack of corresponding certificates, the salary is not very high. Therefore, welders are one of the choices of young people at the moment, but they are not the only choice or the best choice.
    In the talent of people, many young people have taken the path of school, and some of the remaining young people, either start a business or continue to work, can precipitate to learn a technology. , But all are a minority. And although the entry threshold of the welder industry is not high, not anyone can do it. Although there are protective gear during the work, it will still damage the eyes and facial skin after a long time, and the environment of the welding workers is relatively harsh. After all the year, it is not that young people can bear it at all.
    In addition, there are fewer young electric welders with qualifications. Most of the welded workers are flexible. Even if it is a piece of piece salary or a fixed salary, the monthly salary is more than 5,000 yuan, which is already very good. Although the electric welders are a technology that can work for a lifetime, but now other industries are developing very well, and the salary is not low. It is not as dirty as the type of welding workers. Love and like this industry. However, if you have a professional qualification, coupled with your own skills to stand the test, it is easy to get a high salary, but it is only one of the choices. It will not be the best choice.

  2. General welders are a special type of work that require professional training and learning. You can go to the technical schools of technical schools to learn welding and oxygen welding. The actual operation is still very simple.

  3. In today's society where technical personnel are increasingly short, electric welders will definitely become one of the choices for young people. It's not just because of the needs of high -tech personnel. Because of the welder, his ability to master welding is very well -in -one, and his strength is beyond doubt. So some large factories are very high for the recruitment conditions of special electric welders.

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