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  1. 1. Monthly

    According to the "China Housekeeping Market Employment and Consumption Report" published in the same city in 2019, the average salary of Monthly Monthly has reached 9,795 yuan, ranking in the domestic market segmented industry. First. Please take a closer look, this is the average salary! In other words, if you exclude the moonlight and Yueyue of the small city, the actual income is actually higher than this data.

    Perbonial people may say that this data is fake, but from my personal contact, Yueyue's salary is indeed not low. I have a friend who sells at a monthly company in Guangzhou. He told me that their company's average salary was more than 12,000, and those who did a good job could get about 20,000.

    , and Yueyue's requirements for employees are not high, basically training can be employed for one month! Maybe you still have questions: "Why is this simple salary so simple?" In fact, the reason for the high salary of the Yueyue industry is that the demand in this market is too great! Nowadays, people pay attention to health care, which also gives this industry a chance to develop rapidly.

    So if you want to get a high salary, it is indeed a good opportunity to enter this industry now. Even a novice who has just joined the industry can get about 8,000 salary. You should also see that the market in this market is mixed, and there will definitely be a major remediation and update iteration in the future. Therefore, if you want to develop in this regard in the long run, you need to continue to learn and pay attention to word of mouth cultivation to accumulate customer resources.

    2. Do a small sale

    When I went home to celebrate the New Year last year, my fellow told me a surprise thing: he sold clothes after get off work after work, for a month I earned more than 5,000. Moreover, someone has become a partner with her. Now it is two people to do it. The work is easier and the income is more stable!

    The experience of friends may be a example, but her experience is not uncommon. I started to deliberately understand the money of various small traders. It was found that in fact, there were really many small traders that could make money, and their income was very considerable. Take the sale early! There is no problem to earn 4-5 thousand a month in the small town where my parents stayed, and most of them were retired guests. If she did not go out of the stall, they would call to urge her. There are various stalls in similar industries, such as spicy and fried rice. The cost of investment in these industries is not very high, but if it is done well, the income is very enviable.

    of course, this job is not so easy. If you make breakfast, you need to start preparing at 3-4 o'clock. It will be busy until about 10 o'clock to collect the stalls. The creature clock is almost upside down. If you set up a stall, it is not easy to find a good booth, which requires constant exploration and attempts.

    Strictly speaking, this work earns hard money, not much easier than working, but the income will be higher, suitable for mothers who need money to support their families. The suggestion for everyone is that if you want to engage in this job, it is best to use the spare time to try to do it. This is not so anxious that even if the income is not so high. Of course, if someone around you is doing this, then it is better, let's learn from them directly! The improvement is really fast!

    3. Do short videos and live broadcast

    . If you want to ask what the hottest things in the past two years are, it must be short videos and live broadcast! This industry is currently in a rapid development period, and there are still many opportunities to get rich.

    The example I saw! One netizen worked at the factory. He mainly used business time to shoot videos and live broadcast, but this is not the main source of income. He accumulated a lot of fans by shooting videos. Others felt that their factory was pretty good, so he was going to work with him. He! After reporting a address for others to come to him. As a result, he now rely on helping the factory to recruit people. The monthly income is several times the salary.

    Similar cases are really many cases in this field. In our country, Yiwu even appeared "Internet Red Live Village". Almost everyone is an Internet celebrity. Everyone is making short videos and doing live broadcasts. Essence Through live broadcast, they sold the products to all parts of the country, and they made a lot of money.

    Perhaps you will say, but I can't, what should I do? And now the competition is so fierce, do I still have a chance?

    The self -media platforms currently have related training businesses. There are also a large number of netizens on short video platforms to share their shooting skills and experiences. Therefore, as long as you are willing to understand, it is not difficult to learn. At present, competition is really fierce, but this does not mean that there is no chance. The biggest benefit of the media is that everyone has the opportunity, especially women.

    So if you are confident in your face or talent, you are also willing to challenge the high salary. You can use the rest time to try to make short videos, wait for the income to stabilize, and then resign from full -time operation.

  2. There are many types of service industries suitable for women 30 years old. It is best to play the characteristics of women. It may be better to engage in the service industry.

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