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  1. 1. Qian Xuesen (1911.12.11-2009.10.31), Han nationality, Wu Yue Wang Qian 镠 33rd grandson, born in Shanghai, was born in Lin'an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The world -renowned scientist, aerodynamologist, the founder of Chinese manned aerospace, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the winner of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the winner of the Chinese two bombs and one star meritorious medal. "Father of Automation Control" and "King of Rockets", due to Qian Xuesen's return to China, the launch of Chinese missiles and atomic bombs has been promoted for at least 20 years.
    2, Lin Zexu (August 30, 1785 -November 22, 1850), from Houguan County, Fujian, the word Yuanfu, the word Shao Mu, Shilin, the old man in the evening, the old man in the village, and the village. , Seventy -two Peaks, Bingquan Jushi, Susha Sanren, etc., were politicians, thinkers and poets of the Qing Dynasty. Because of its claims, opium is strictly prohibited, and it has the reputation of "national hero" in China.
    , although Lin Zexu's life was against the Western invasion, he held an open attitude towards Western culture, technology, and trade and advocated that he used its excellence and used it. According to the literature records, he has at least two foreign languages ​​in English and Portuguese, and focuses on translating Western newspapers and books. In the late Qing Dynasty thinker Wei Yuan, he compiled the documents translated by Lin Zexu and the staff of the staff into "Sea State Map". This book has inspiring the Westernization Movement of the late Qing Dynasty and even the Meiji Restoration of Japan.
    3, Mao Yisheng (January 9, 1896 -November 12, 1989), the word Tang Chen, a native of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. Civil engineers, bridge experts, engineering educators, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of the American Academy of Engineering, and academician of the Central Academy of Sciences.
    Mao Sheng graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University in 1916 (then called Tangshan College, English name of Tangshan Industrial Specialty School of the Ministry of Communications). Dr. Long University, after returning to China, he presided over the Chinese Academy of Sciences of China for more than 30 years, making outstanding contributions to the progress of railway science and technology.
    4, Qi Jiguang (November 12, 1528 -January 5, 1588), the word Yuan Jing, No. Nangtang, the late name Meng Zhu, died of Wu Yi. The Han nationality, Penglai, Shandong (said that he was born in Dingyuan, Anhui, was born in Luqiao Town, Weishan County, Jining, Shandong). The Ming Dynasty anti -Japanese celebrities, outstanding militaryists, calligraphers, poets, and national heroes.
    The Qi Jiguang has anti -pirates on the southeast coast for more than ten years, flattened for many years as the suffering of the coastal abuse to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the coastal people; then he has fought in the north to fight in the Mongolian tribe for more than ten years. The security has promoted the peaceful development of the Mongolian and Han people.
    5, Gong Zizhen (August 22, 1792 -September 26, 1841), the word 璱 璱 璱 璱 庵 庵. Han nationality, Renhe (now Hangzhou, Zhejiang). In his later years, he lived in the Kunshan Yushan Museum, and it was also called Yuyishan. The thinkers, poets, writers and pioneers of the Qing Dynasty.
    Gong Zizhen was the official position of the cabinet, the principal of the ancestors, and the head of the Ministry of Rites. Proposing to eliminate disadvantages and resist foreign aggression, and he has fully supported Lin Zexu to ban opium.
    This poems advocate "more law" and "change the map", exposing the decay of the rulers of the Qing Dynasty, and filled with patriotism, and was hailed by Liu Yazi as "the first class in three hundred years." He is the author of "Collection of Dingyu", with more than 300 articles and nearly 800 poems. Today, the compilation of "The Complete Works of Gong Zizhen". There are 350 famous poems "Jihai Miscellaneous Poems". Monoid and satirical work.
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  2. Answer: Patriotic celebrities
    1, Qian Xuesen
    1949 When the new Chinese country was established in the new Chinese country, Qian Xuesen, the director of the Ultimate Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology and the person in charge of the "Gonenghan Jet Promotion Research Center", was the freshman of the motherland. Happy. He intends to return to China and use his expertise to serve the New China. But at that time, Chinese scientists in the United States were not easy to return to China, and Qian Xuesen's expertise was directly related to national defense. The United States tried her best to leave him to prevent him from returning to China. He finally returned to the arms of the motherland.
    2, Ji Hongchang
    On September 21, 1931, General Ji Hongchang, who was determined to fight against Japan, was forced by Chiang Kai -shek to "inspect the industry" abroad. To the United States, Ji Hongchang was unexpectedly stimulated in one after another. For example, the first -class hotel there did not receive the Chinese, but he was dedicated to the Japanese. On one occasion, Ji Hongchang was going to make clothes in China. The post office staff said that there is no China in the world. Ji Hongchang is extremely angry and just wants to attack. What? As long as you say that you are a Japanese, you can receive courtesy. "Ji Hongchang immediately scolded:" Do you think the Chinese people are embarrassed, but I think it is glorious when China [) , To maintain national dignity, he found a wooden sign and carefully wrote in English: "I am Chinese!"
    3, Hua Luogeng
    Later, the motherland that returned to the burning of the anti -Japanese beacon from the Britain, which has a good treatment of life, is not for money and degree. After returning to China, he actively participated in the Anti -Japanese National Salvation Movement. In 1950, he had become a well -known first -class mathematician internationally and was hired as a lifelong professor by the University of Irinino, but he resolutely led the whole family to return to the liberated motherland.
    4, Mao Yisheng
    among the older generation of scientists in our country, many people are studying abroad and returning to China. Famous bridge expert Mao Yisheng went to study in the United States at the age of 20 in 1916 and became a graduate student at the University of Cornell University. He soon obtained a master's degree with excellent grades. In order to obtain the opportunity of practice, he took a doctorate in the evening and studied for a doctorate degree. He went to a bridge company for internship during the day. He personally draws, cutting steel parts, rivets, and paint, and finally became a person who understands theory and technical. The Americans admire him very much, and the appointments are sent from various places and asked him to serve as an engineer.
    , but Mao Yisheng did not accept hire, but decided to return to China. Some people in the United States advise him: "Science is no motherland and transcends national borders. The contribution of scientists belongs to all mankind. China's conditions are poor, and you will stay in the United States more." Mao Yisheng replied: "Although science does not have no science The motherland, but scientists have the motherland. I am a Chinese, and my motherland needs me even more. I want to serve the motherland! "
    In 1919, Mao Yisheng returned to China with a ability to return to China. The cause of the national building bridge. The magnificent bridge on the Qiantang River in Zhejiang Province is designed and hosted by Mao Yisheng.
    5, Dong Cunrui
    On May 25, 1948, our troops fought against Longhua City. Dong Cunrui's company is responsible for attacking the Kuomintang's defense defense key Longhua Middle School. He served as the leader of the blasting team and led his comrades to bomb four cannons and 5 bunkers in succession. The victory completed the prescribed task. The company immediately launched an charge, and suddenly the enemy's hidden bridge dark castle was blocked violently. The troops were blocked in a broad area, and the second and fourth shifts were unsuccessful to the dark castle. Dong Cunrui stepped forward and asked the company commander: "I am a Communist Party member, please allow me to go!" Resolutely picked up the explosive bag, rushed towards the dark castle, moved to the middle of the left leg injury, and stubbornly rushed to the bridge. Because the bridge dark castle exceeds the height of the ground, the two bridges cannot be placed. At the critical moment, he did not hesitate to hold up an explosive bag with his left hand, pull the fire in his right hand, and shouted, "For the New China, rush!" The bunker was blown up, Dong Cunrui opened his forward with his life. The road is only 19 years old.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello ~ I am a brown bear with my feet, I have received your question. I'm urgently sorting the answer for you, please don't worry! The typing is slow, answering you in about 2 minutes, please wait!n1. Yue Fei, born on March 24, 1103, died on January 27, 1142, Zi Pengju, Song Yin County, Song Xiangzhou, a famous militaryist in Chinese history, a famous militaryist, strategist, calligrapher, calligrapher, and Poets and national heroes are ranked first in the four generals of the Southern Song Dynasty. 2. Wen Tianxiang, born on June 6, 1236, died on January 9, 1283. He first named Yun Sun, with the word Song Rui, and said good. Dao Flouting Taoist, Wenshan. Luling in Jizhou, Jiangxi, politicians, writers, patriotic poets, and famous ministers in the late Song Dynasty, and Lu Xiufu and Zhang Shijie were also known as "Sanjie of the Song Dynasty". 3. Zheng Chenggong was born on August 26, 1624, and died on June 23, 1662. He was originally known as Mori, also known as Fusong. A native of Nan'an, Quanzhou, Fujian, was born in Henan. The Han nationality, the militaryist of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, anti -Qing dynasties, and national hero. His father Zheng Zhilong, his mother named Tianchuan. Hong Guang's prison was born, because Emperor Menglong Wu gave the Ming Dynasty surname "Zhu", a successful name, and the name of Zhongxia Xiaoba, known as "Zheng Ci's surname", "Zheng Guo surname", and "national surname", and because of Meng Yongyong The Emperor Feng Feng Ping was called "Zheng Yanping."

  4. The bright Chinese civilization of Huanghuang was lit up by countless patriotic figures and revolutionary. From the ancient Qu Yuan Huo Qinzhi Zheng, Zheng Chenggong Qi Jiguang, to the modern Jihongchang Fang Zhimin, from ancient times to the present, we have been studying. Modelm.
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  5. A lot, temporarily list the following:
    The patriotic celebrities in ancient China include Qu Yuan, Wen Tianxiang, Yue Fei, Lin Zexu and so on.
    Qu Yuan (340 BC -278 BC), the poet and politician of Chu State during the Warring States Period. The surname, Qu's, named, the word was originally the original; About 340 BC in Danyang, Chu, the descendant of Qu Shi, the son of the king of Chuwu. He was born in the nobles of the Chu Zong family. He was well educated when he was a teenager.
    Wen Tianxiang (June 6, 1236 -January 9, 1283), the first name Yun Sun, the word Song Rui, the word is good. From Wenshan, Floating Taoist. Luling, Jizhou, Jiangxi (now Futian Town, Qingyuan District, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province). "". Baoyou's four years (1256 AD), the champion and first, the official to the right of the right, and the letter of the country. The soldiers were defeated in Wupo Ling, and it would rather die. On the ninth year of the 19th year (1282 AD), the ninth day of December, he was calm in Chai City. He is the author of "Wenshan Poetry Collection", "Guide Record", "The Guide Record", "Song of the Qi Qi" and so on.
    Yue Fei (1103-1142), the word Pengju, a native of Tangyin County, Song Xiangzhou (now Tangyin County, Henan), a famous militaryist in the Southern Song Dynasty, a well -known militaryist, strategist, and national hero in Chinese history. One of the four generals.
    Lin Zexu (August 30, 1785 -November 22, 1850), from Hou Guan (now Fuzhou City), Fujian Province, the word Yuanfu, also the word Shao Mu, Shilin, the old man in the late Village Village , Daocun Retreat, Seventy -two Peak Retreat, Pingquan Ju Shi, Susha Sanren, etc., were politicians, thinkers and poets of the Qing Dynasty. The second ordered minister was ordered; the opium was strictly prohibited because of its claim, and he had the reputation of "national hero" in China.

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