Wenzhou boss started in scratch, and the company opened 30 acres of land in Beijing for 6 years! 3 people achieve 3200 people

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  1. Cai Changxian, chairman of Beijing Gray Fashion Technology Co., Ltd., chairman of the Beijing Wicker Made in Duke Made in the VICUTU brand.

    Tevoli, English name: vicutu. Unique mid -to -high -end men's clothing brand with European style. The product style is fashionable and capable. It is well received by the white -collar workers in domestic first -tier cities. Interest, the source of the brand. As a technical leader of the second -generation suit version, Wicker -Doro companies have founded the brand of the urban elite in the changing times of the times, and they continue to interpret the urban elite's sharp life on the brand's 360 -degree, and carefully create a successful creation of Weito. Exclusive fashion for taste. At the beginning of the founding, the business men, which are rigorous and capable with the image of a formal suit, are favored by rigorous and capable.


    The Wenzhou people who started in vain
    Wenzhou Cai Changxian first came to Beijing to do clothing business, which was considered to start in scratch. In his words, "the starting point is relatively low". When the company was established in 1994, he cooperated with the mall and only rely on a few rods to operate. In the same year, the Beijing Wicker Made in the Center was officially established. 24 years later, this clothing company, which was originally relying on a few rods, has developed into the leader of fashion business men's clothing brands. Its main business "Vicutu", "Gornia" and "VGO" have three men's clothing brands. The store has exceeded the storefront. 500, foreseeable, with the awakening of Chinese men's consumer demand, Vicutu still has a broader development prospect.

    The people say that Cai Changxian is not like a traditional Wenzhou boss.

    The he did not smoke, do not drink, and not entertain. He ate in the company's cafeteria, sent the child to ordinary suburbs, and returned home at 11 pm every day.
    Weckand men's clothing completed the accumulation in the first year under his leadership, and established its own production base;
    The top eight in the form of Chinese men's clothing in the second year;
    The third year of the year Foreign designers are requested to make a overall design of the monopoly chain store;
    The fourth year starts to sell the first place in the men's form of men's fate in the middle and high -end shopping malls in Beijing; Thirty acres of land, a full set of Italian high -end men's clothing production lines, and establishing a super -large R

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