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  1. 1. Analysis of the status quo of my country's financial supervision

    Prior to the establishment of the Banking Regulatory Commission, my country implemented the division of partnerships by the People's Bank of China, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission respectively. Regulatory model, and the People's Bank of China has both the dual tasks of supervisory banks and monetary policy. With the development of the financial situation, the traditional financial institutional supervision model (the central bank's supervision of the banking industry, the securities supervision and management department supervise the securities industry, and the insurance supervision and management department to supervise the insurance industry, separate and independence with each other) can no longer meet the new development requirements Essence Taking the central bank's supervision of the banking industry as an example. In the context of the new financial pattern, the central bank's supervision banking industry faces a dilemma: on the one hand, the central bank is responsible for the stability of monetary policy, and pay close attention to the loan scale and inflation index of commercial banks; on the other hand The securities transaction risk of commercial banks ensures that commercial banks have sufficient liquidity and prevent commercial banks from being in a crisis of liquidity. Because the main responsibility of the central bank is to formulate an appropriate monetary policy to ensure the stability of the currency value, the possibility of the central bank only pays attention to the monetary policy and ignores the financial business of supervision banks, especially when monetary policy and commercial bank liquidity This is the case when there are target conflicts between demand.

    . The development trend of financial supervision in my country

    (1) Regulatory background: The trend and impact of financial mixed operations

    It is well known, the reasons for the development trend of mixed financial in the world are many aspects, such as financial innovation, financial globalization, and modernization of information technology. Among them, financial innovation is fundamental, and financial globalization has put forward the urgent requirements of financial innovation, while the modernization of information technology provides strong technical support for financial innovation. The wave of financial innovation was concentrated in the 1970s and 1980s. The specific behavior restrictions of the organization (such as "Glas One Stiglfa" in the United States in 1933), and so on, many financial product innovation and financial institutions innovation of financial product innovation and financial institutions in the pursuit of income have appeared. These innovations involve insurance, securities and securities, and securities, securities and The banking industry, while enriching residents and institutional investment channels, has also caused a huge impact on traditional financial system.

    In the face of fierce market competition, in order to carry out innovative business and make profits, financial institutions have tried to use ways to bypass financial control and expand business areas.

    The national conditions in my country, especially from the current situation of my country's financial development, it seems that my country has gradually emerged as mixed operations. On the one hand, as my country has successfully joined the WTO, whether it is the transaction of financial products, or the cooperation and combination between financial organizations and financial markets, it will be increasingly strengthened in terms of breadth and depth. From business cooperation to equity reorganization, the connection between my country's finance and global finance will be closer, that is, the impact of financial globalization on my country's finance is becoming increasingly far -reaching. At the same time, with the increasing connection between my country's financial and foreign finance, the trend of domestic division of business operations and the global mixed industry and the cooperation between large foreign financial groups have made the difficulty of supervision more prominent. On the other hand, from the domestic situation, although the financial mixed industry has not yet become the mainstream of financial development, especially there are still some legal obstacles in the financial mixed industry, business cooperation and interdisciplinary and financial departments among different financial departments are The development of the group has begun to show. For example, CITIC Group, Everbright Group, and China Construction Bank Holdings China Gold Corporation and Bank of China formed China Banking International; while the combination of banks cooperation, banking and funds, etc. in business, the combination of business aspects of business is unstoppable. This is not only the need for the development of financial institutions itself, but also the inevitable financial needs of financial development.

    (2) Regulatory requirements and development trends

    The supervisors to supervise different objects and separate mechanisms of each other are no longer suitable for the new financial system. The reason is: international competition and technological innovation (mainly information technology) increasingly blurred the boundaries between financial institutions, and financial institutions often operate a variety of businesses at the same time. Such as bank M

  2. (1) Relax financial control, encourage financial competition
    (2) Strengthen the independence of the central bank, strengthen financial macro -control
    (3) Strengthen financial supervision, and ensure financial security
    (4) legislative mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual mutual legislation Fusion, tend to be unified

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