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  1. When I first entered the currency circle in 2017, I heard that many people said that this was two times coin, that was three times coins. At the beginning of 2018, many discussions in the circle became 100 times coins -## coins were 100 times coins, and they were 100 times coins, and they were 100 times. How to discover 100 times coins ...
    The myths of wealthy wealth overnight, old cats also said that 200%of the currency circle is called soaring. In this way, in the currency circle, a hundred times more coins are called Dharma is among the reason. But have you ever thought that if you want to be too high, the yield is far from reaching, even if you are profitable, you will not feel a sense of accomplishment.
    Let's take a look at the increase of the three popular coins I held in the past 7 months:
    . Bitcoin:
    Bitcoin is a one Cryptocurrencies with different points have the characteristics of decentralization, irresponsible reform, and public accounting.
    This saying that Bitcoin's nearly 7 months of gain experience.
    I was a Bitcoin that started in August last year. At that time, the price was more than 30,000, and the supervision fell more than 10,000. When it rose in 17 years, it rose to 100,000 yuan. If you can copy the bottom of 10,000 at the time of supervision, the maximum increase is 10 times.
    2, Ethereum:
    The Ethereum is a decentralized smart contract public blockchain platform.
    This still accordance with the ideal purchase algorithm of the above Bitcoin. In 7 months, Ethereum increased 5 times.
    3, EOS:
    EOS is currently being optimistic about the blockchain 3.0 technology
    . The minimum point of more than 3 yuan last year was based on the ideal purchase algorithm. The high price of 135 outside the market has increased by 36 times.
    Because of the 9.4 currency disaster, the overall increase can be described as quite objective, but there is still no 100 -fold increase. Is the title of 100 times currency deceiving? no! The important factor behind 100 times the coin is time. To achieve a hundred times, you must first hold it or take it for a long time. Or frequent transactions can also be traded, ultra -short -term stare, analysis, fast frequent transactions. If you do n’t have your own operation principles, and you do n’t know the wisdom of investment, it is impossible to follow the trend to achieve the growth rate of 100 times. Even if I was favored by good luck, as long as there was no wisdom, wealth would still slip away. For example, the pizza owner, which was originally smashed by 10,000 Bitcoin, has no legend on the rivers and lakes.
    . The ## coins known as the next hundred times coins
    1, HMC
    The discussion of HMC in the group these days is very lively. material. It was found that it was not the latest new token. In August last year, it had news. At that time, I also participated in the ICO, but soon encountered 9.4 supervision. After that, it was easy to correct the relationship with HMC.
    Is to say that there are comments, I think it is still more objective:
    It's other advantages about it, because the advantages in the recent article are more detailed.
    HMS is obviously a project that started 6 months ago. I do n’t know why it has begun to be popular these days, it may be related to the exchanges. In addition, for the problem of the development team, in the article 6 months ago, the development team's expression was relatively clear, and it was enough to be ox
    . When I checked the information today, the official website was relatively low -key, and only two investment funds were put.
    In fact, I think the HMS project is pretty good, but the plate is too large. The promotion of some projects and the optimization time of the rules may be relatively long. HMC may achieve a hundred times the growth rate, but I do n’t know how long it takes.
    2. ADA
    ADA is the product of the Cardano project. It is not only a cryptocurrency, but also prepares to make a particularly extensive technical platform for audiences to create a new ecological environment, separate Build a technical layer smart contract to provide technical support for future business and business.
    The admiration is ADA's guidance principles. The team creates a rigorous technology of academic circles, and has posted academic papers published on its official website. At present, many of the blockchain projects are looking for a big V platform. ADA actually finds the academic world, which is very clear.
    I have configured ADA after studying its white paper, but this does not constitute investment advice.
    3, neo
    NEO (originally called small ant) ​​is a non -profit community -based blockchain project. Carry out automation management to realize a distributed network of "smart economy".
    In these days in the environment where the currency circle has fallen compared to a powerful environment, its rise is not bad. It is said that NEO is expected to be related to the ontology airdrop on March 1. The proportion is: 0.2 ONT (50%of which can be traded freely and the other 50%automatic lock) will be obtained for each NEO.
    In 2018 is the competition of the blockchain will be more and more heated. Those who have no technology and just want to survive the heat suction project of the blockchain will become more and more difficult to survive. The advantages mentioned above are very attractive, but the difficulty of each technology will be very difficult during the implementation process. If you are preparing to choose, please take a look at its official website.
    . Selling water next to the gold ore
    We all know that every time the gold mine is found, people will rush to the gold mine, but they are often the wealth of people who sell water and buying tools next to the gold ore. The accumulation is relatively stable.
    The history is always amazing similar. Everyone in the gold mine in the currency circle wants to push in to get a cup, but do you pay attention to the knowledge of the output blockchain now? Intersection A few days ago, I saw a contract issued by Su Lei, and a successful draft fee was 3,000-5000, which was real RMB! Isn't this a huge wealth?
    It no matter when, it is the most important thing to improve your ability! What I do now is to interpret the top 100 tokens in the white paper. Although progress is very slow, reading the relevant information of each project can still remove the blind spots of self -cognition. And through writing, thinking will become clearer and clearer. For me, polishing writing skills are just needed!
    coins, just lie in the wallet, and when you suddenly think of it, you may be born!

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