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  1. Recommended address: JJTANG.BOKEE/

    The skin care focus of this brand is biochemical synthesis

    . If a MM, I never paid much attention to cosmetics

    After 25 years of age, I suddenly found that my skin is not as good as before

    wants to improve it as soon as possible, I don’t want to spend a lot of money

    So then You can try a flower;

    The first card of a home is the Lecao C

    When the apple experiment in his advertisement is to take the L-car C-Extreme Repair

    (I can go home to get an apple for experiments, no problem) can be visible

    The left rotation C is really expensive. , Switzerland's Cellex-C's similar products require more than 1,000

    , and this ultimate repair essence is less than 200 yuan (how can I feel like it seems to be advertising for a classmate in the jar)

    So the call when a launch is on the market is also: Breaking the noble status of the L -spin C

    8. This is the essence drip, so it will be oily in summer mm will be oily

    (It also has a L -spin C repair essence, the difference is that the essence concentration is different, suitable for younger skin)

    R n
    If you do n’t know what enzymes are, you can see the introduction of SKII above

    night cream, enzyme mask and eye mask are good

    MM over 30 years of age can consider

    The spray of its home is nearly equal liquid, so spray it I won't be very dry (the little nozzle is too rushing)

    and I bought it when I buy it, I just feel that it slides and goes. The effect of the rice

    This brand is good for the cost -effectiveness, mainly because of several star products

    Ittaising suspects

    , Flat Pen 6 % off

    The is said to be lower at the counter BA discount

    is the largest sunscreen brand in the Americas

    Supermarket goods, The cost -effective is super high, almost 200ml, less than 100 yuan in the RMB

    The physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, especially for anti -UVA, it is very word of mouth

    Sed Ultra Sheer is a series for adults, with color moisturizing effects.

    The feel that there are more physical components and can absorb oil light. The moisturizing cream will feel dry in the following

    There is a series of water babies for children, Compared with oily, but without moisturizing

    In I played in May for a month. The skin is quickly recovered into light rice yellow

    This 咚 咚 is still very recommended to drop

    This sunscreen is applied to the effect, so sometimes it will be applied to the face a lot

    The oil of white flowers at first was difficult to erase, but it was slightly wiped, and it would not be white. (Never look like an oil field),

  2. One is made of Shanghai, mainly the L -car C series, the living nitric mother series, the price is not expensive. The Extreme Essence of the Lecao C is OK. The acne was very easy to use at first, and it was average.

  3. The Lare C series of this brand is pretty good, and the moisturizing spray is also completed.
    , but the Lecular C is a whitening technology in the 1990s. It is now outdated (the same is the same as Vitamin C whitening, this technology is very old, because L -spin C is unstable). So I suggest you use something else. The better technology is pure VC now, with G protective bodies, which is very stable. Not easy to be oxidized.

  4. One/ITO Full -effect repair eye cream is pretty good
    product introduction:
    The skin around the eyes to eliminate bags and dark circles to calm down young patterns and wrinkles oil -free formula Strengthen the formula to solve the oil -free recipes such as bags under the eyes, looseness, wrinkles, etc., and avoid the accumulation of fat balls on the eye. Effective moisturizing wrinkle removal, eliminating crow's feet and eye circles. Speed ​​blood circulation around the eye, tighten the bags under the eyes and eliminate dark circles. Eliminate eye fatigue, edema, and recovery elasticity. Promote cell breathing and regeneration. Main ingredients: Firming Complexex: Multi -effect, multi -deeper firming ingredients, can affect the dermis layer, and rebuild skin tissue from the inside to the outside. Molecular nails (Cramide): Deep moisturizing, maintaining keratin water content and structure, keratin and cell lipids, which can provide long -acting water required for cells. Ginkgo Biloba: Promote circulation, capture free radicals, eliminate eye fatigue, puffiness, and edema. Witch Hazel: Promote the circulation of the eye, tighten the crow's feet and dark circles. Collagen: Efficient moisturizing wrinkle removal, eliminating crow's feet and eye circles. Elastin: restore the elasticity of the eye, eliminate wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Hyalurnic Acid: Powerful natural moisturizing, increasing the moisture of the skin stratum corneum, making the skin humid and smooth, and maintaining the health of the skin. Revitalin: Skin regeneration, promoting cell breathing

    one/ITO long -acting moisturizing condensate product introduction:
    The breakthrough "multiple live water microcapsules" technology, instantly released 20 out of 20 %Of moisture, continuous 12 -hour moisturizing. Uses and efficacy 1. Special "multiple live water microcapsules" technology can instantly release 20 %of water, continuous moisturizing, maintaining the ability to maintain water up to 12 hours, does not include without containing, excluding no containing The gel texture of the fat can make the cheeks easily tender and moving. 2. Efficient moisturizing wrinkle removal, instantly strengthen skin water retention. 3. Promote cell breathing and regeneration. Main ingredients 1. Molecular er (Ceramide): Deep moisturizing, maintaining keratin water content and structure, keratin and cell lipids, which can provide long -acting water required for cells. 2. Revitalin: skin regeneration, promoting cell respiration, reducing stimulation and allergies. 3. Chamomile: Anti -allergy and sedation. 4. Aloe vera: Moisturizing and calm. 5. Peptide: The latest deep water retention ingredients. 6. Polyetic polysaccharides (HA): strong moisturizing and repairing the skin. 7. Rose-HIPS: convergence, nourish, whitening.

  5. I only used a 30ml water with a gift. I forgot the specific name. I just remember the skin to quench my thirst. It should be hydrating. It feels average. I will peel the skin after use, and I use a tall fairy water with a high silk. Now the name has become a grass condensed, and the price has also risen.

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