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  1. The so -called third -party fraud refers to a third -party person who pretend to be a seller between the buyer and the seller, communicate with the buyer, and send it to the buyer a link to allow the buyer to buy it. In fact, it is not a baby who really wants to buy. The buyer does not know that the real seller will be shipped normally after paying the purchase. And return. This kind of fraud is mainly concentrated in the commodity category of virtual automatic delivery. After the buyer pays, the system is shipped directly. The seller does not know whether it is a scammer or the buyer purchased. The solution to the third -party fraud is:
    1. After encountering cyber fraud, you can report to the "Internet Illegal Crime Reporting Website", report links:/wfjb/
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    3. Scope of acceptance of this website: acceptance of the "Decision on Maintenance of Internet Security", "Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China", "Public Security Management Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China", "Internet Information Service" The relevant provisions of laws and regulations such as the Administration Measures stipulate that the Internet or the clues to engage in illegal crimes against the Internet information system are used.

  2. Sorry to tell you! In this case, the success rate of refunds is 0! Involving the third party fraud, the seller is in a faultless situation, and all losses and responsibilities must be borne by the buyer themselves! It is recommended that you do not apply for a refund, pay more attention in the future!
    The Taobao transaction to avoid being fraudulent by third parties is actually simple!
    Remember 2 sentences: what you need! Talk to whom you will be traded!
    It brief explanation: If you want to buy green vegetables, don't go to the automatic beverages to sell the machine. If you chat with someone, you have to buy a product under someone name!
    Really, remember that even if there are more scammers, no matter how clever, you can't lie to you!
    The areas that are more prone to third -party fraud on Taobao are phone bills, gaming coins, and various game cards, which generally involve automatic delivery products! Buyers avoid being cheated in their own hands! A verification of the real seller is the obligation of buyers! Discover the call fee below 93 %, some of the particularly cheap gaming currency or equipment, the game card (most mainstream game cards are more than 20 % off) be careful! For example, there are many so -called 80 yuan for 130 calls for scammers!

  3. Recently, a way of fraud was found -buyers used a third -party security platform (online transaction security center) for fraud. The most incident has been restored as follows:
    1. Scammers buyers find the deceived seller, choose the product, and make multiple orders at one time
    2. When paying Write a transaction guarantee letter and give the seller a guarantee number (induction reason: Since there is no Alipay to ensure that their rights and interests are not damaged, the seller needs to go to the third party's supervision platform to make a record and pay the guarantee fee of 2 yuan for 2 yuan )
    3. The seller went to the online transaction guarantee center to fill in the information from the buyer. The liar buyer fished away the bank information and ID number, and the Trojan horse virus
    4. , The payment link is automatically jumped, and the money in the account is ransacked.

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