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  1. I found a few English dictionaries for you and found that this "English Basic Vocabulary Dictionary" (edited by Zhou Zhenxiong, published by Jin Dun Publishing House) is the clearest, so help you extract for reference:
    surprise vt . Surprising, surprise n. Amazing
    1. Used as a verb, usually as well as analogy. Pay attention to the following usage:
    (1) "People" as the object: The news greatly surprised us. This The message surprised us. / What Surprise me was that he so well. What surprised me was that his English was so good.
    (2) It is used for Be Surprise, which can be connected to the irregular formula, preposition phrase (mainly at), clauses, etc.: I was greatly surprised to hear [at head] he was in prison. I was surprised. / I was surprise at you. I was surprised by your behavior. / We was surprise that he lot had thegame. We were surprised by his failure in the game.
    It after the sentence contains the meaning of "even", it usually uses the virtual language (should v.): Hewas Surprise that he should be so Ill. He was so surprised.
    The use with Shouldn'T / WOULDN'T is equivalent to i Rather Expect that ... means "I should be a little": I Shouldn'T Be Surprising if it rains [rained] in the morning. Rain in the morning, I won't be surprised (that is, I expected to rain this morning).
    (3) Pay attention to the difference from Surprise: the former refers to "surprising", the latter refers to "surprised": I'm Surprised at the news. I was surprised.
    2. Used as a noun, pay attention to the following usage:
    (1) means "surprise" and "surprise", which is an indispensable noun; it means "surprising things or things". She looked at her mother in Surprise. She looked at her mother in surprise. / His face showed surprise at the news. / What a surprise to see youher! I really don't think of seeing you here! / I have a please.
    (2) It is used for to One's Surprise, which means "unexpectedly" and "what surprised people": (much) to my surlise the door was unlocked. What surprised me (big) was The door is not locked. / To the surprise of everybody the man wasthe girl ’s father. What surprised everyone was that this person was the girl's father.

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